BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power: Frodd Wins

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Frodd is the winner of the Week 13 BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power.

Last week, Big brother gave the housemates a box containing a veto card. The winner is the Ultimate veto power holder for this season and the power comes with certain privileges. It is definitely going to be a game-changer.

For four consecutive days, housemates randomly picked four pictures each with the hope that they will pick a picture that is the exact duplicate of the picture in the box.

The Moment Of Truth

The key was given to Head of House Elozonam to open the box.

BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power week 13

Elozonam did and behold, Frodd is the Ultimate Veto Power for this season. He had the exact duplicate of the picture in the red box.

BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power
BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power: Frodd Wins

Frodd couldn’t hide his excitements. He screamed and thanked God for the win. Well, lucky him.

Frodd also won 200 betnaija coins to add to the many he already has. Members of his Team, Legends also won 10 betnaija coins each.

What The BBNaija Ultimate Veto Power Mean

Frodd has the sole power to nominate five housemates for possible eviction this week. This means the housemates will not nominate each other tomorrow. However, only Frodd will do that.

Which five housemates will he put up? Well, we are definitely going to find out tomorrow during the live nomination show at 7:00 pm WAT.

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Remember the Ultimate veto power was equally used by Big brother during the See Gobe season in 2017. The only difference is that the Head of House was automatically the veto power holder. Efe won the Ultimate veto power for that season and he had the sole power of putting up four housemates for possible eviction.

Congratulations to Frodd who by this win today has obviously booked a place in the final week. Let’s see how he will use the Veto power tomorrow.

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