BBNaija Head Of House Week 13: Seyi

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The BBNaija Head of House Task today was a very crucial one as the winner has secured his ticket to the Finale. Mercy is the first housemate to be in the finale even before the finale as she bought the most coveted immunity privilege last week.

Frodd has apparently joined her after winning the Ultimate veto power yesterday. He has the sole power to nominate five housemates for possible eviction this week.

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The other housemates: Seyi, Diane, Elozonam, Tacha, Mike, Omashola, Cindy and Ike in order not to be at the Mercy of Frodd who has the sole power to determine their fate, had to battle for the Head of House title in order to get immunity from nomination.

For the Head of house challenge today, Time was the main theme. The Challenge was played in two rounds.

BBNaija Head Of House Round 1: A Walking Challenge

Housemates required to each pick a position on the starting line and walk to the end of the arena. Housemates must do this continuously at any pace until the buzzer goes off at the end of seven minutes. When the buzzer goes off, all housemates must freeze. The five Housemates closest to the starting line at the end of seven minutes qualify for round 2.

BBNaija Head Of House Week 13: Seyi

When the buzzer went off, Elozonam, Seyi, Cindy, Tacha and Omashola were closest to the starting line. They qualified for the next round.

BBNaija Head Of House: Seyi

Round 2: Housemates given 1 minute for this round.

They were provided with a table containing two buckets with one half-filled with chin-chin.

Housemates were required to count chin-chin in their pocket to the other bucket within the provided time. The housemate with the number closest to the accurate number wins.

BBNaija Head Of House Week 13

Elozonam estimated 7000

Tacha estimated 8000

Cindy estimated 21000

Seyi estimated 4755

Omashola estimated 26000

The accurate number was 3090. This means Seyi is the Head of House for this week. He won immunity privilege for this week, 250 betnaija coins and bonus coins for his teammates. He also won the HOH Bedroom privileges and decided not to share it with any housemate.

Congratulations to Seyi who is officially the third housemate in the finale before the finale. He is also the only housemate who won the head of house three times this season.

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