Eviction Predictions for Week 13 BBNaija

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It is week 13 in the BBNaija house. Welcome to our Eviction Predictions for Week 13. Last week, there was no eviction and therefore, we didn’t do any predictions. But you know the Big brother house will not be fun if there are no evictions.

So, this week there is going to be an eviction. It is going to be a very crucial one because the housemates are almost at the finish line. Our previous predictions have always been very accurate. Let us see if we are going to produce another accurate prediction this week.

This week, Frodd won the veto power and had the sole power to nominate five housemates for possible eviction. He nominated Tacha, Mike, Ike, Elozonam and Cindy.

BBNaija Eviction Predictions for Week 13

Now, let’s get down to business with the predictions. We are assuming that two housemates will be evicted.

Eviction Predictions for Week 13: Who Is Safe This Week?

This article was written before Tacha’s disqualification.


Eviction Predictions for Week 13: Tacha

Tacha is a regular guest on our predictions. She has been up severally but as always, her fans got her back. She has always been confident that she won’t leave the house until the very end. In her own word “Till day 99” “No Leave No Transfer.”

Tacha also has a very large fan base out there routing for her. These fans have helped her topped the voting polls on several occasions that she has been up. She is just a few miles away from the finish line and there is absolutely no way her fans are going to give up now. She will definitely top the poll this week.


Eviction Predictions for Week 13: Mike

Mike is another very strong contender who brings so much fun to the house and ensures that there is never a dull moment with him. He has effortlessly made many to fall for him. His fan base is large as well.

Those fans have kept him in the house until now and it doesn’t seem like they are ready to welcome him home just a week before the finale. They, in fact, want him to win.


Ike has escaped nominations severally but unfortunately for him, he could not escape this one. If Mercy was equally up for possible eviction, then, the chances of Ike surviving this week would have been very slim.

Luckily for him, his Sweetheart Mercy who of course has a huge fanbase is not up for eviction. Mercy’s fans are doing everything possible to ensure that their in-law will be present at their Queen’s birthday. Ike will, therefore, survive this eviction. That is if only two housemates get evicted on Sunday. If Big brother intends to evict three housemates, then, he may not survive.

BBNaija Eviction Predictions Week 13: Who Gets Evicted


Cindy is definitely going to be evicted this week because as it stands right now, every other housemate on the nomination list is stronger than she is. She escaped eviction on two previous occasions. There are many who think that was because of the ludo incident with Enkay and the fact that some housemates supposedly looked down on her when she came into the house.

Viewers were not happy about this and decided to stand up for her through their votes. However, all that seems to be in the past now as the stakes have become very high at this crucial moment. She has fans but we don’t think those fans are enough to save her this week.


Eviction Predictions for Week 13: Elozonam

Elo is very intelligent, smart and artistic but he is up against very strong competitors. His chances of surviving this week are very slim. However, if only one housemate gets evicted then he is going to be very safe.

These are just our predictions. You can equally share your predictions in the comment box below.

Visit our voting poll for week 13 below, vote as many times as possible and see results.

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