BBNaija Comedy Night With Nigerian Comedians

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BBNaija Comedy Night With Nigerian Comedians IK Osakioduwa, Basketmouth, Chioma, Buchi, I Go Save, London based Comedian, Hon. Dan, Prosper and Titus of My Flatmates.

Another set of celebrity guests in the Big Brother Naija house. The Stars won’t just stop coming, will they? Tonight, it was the turn of some of Nigeria’s finest comedians.

They were in the house for the Comedy Night; a comedy show organized by Big brother for the housemates’ final wager.

BBNaija Comedy Night With Nigerian Comedians

Earlier today, Big brother told the housemates that they have to present at least six comedy skits including Stand Up Comedy for their wager presentation. Big brother added that the housemates may have guests. And yes, the guests came just in time for the presentation.

The celebrity guests were TV/Radio Personality and host of Big brother Africa IK Osakioduwa, Stand up Comedian Basketmouth AKA Frank of My Flatmates, Female Comedian Chioma Omeruah AKA Chigul, Buchi AKA Obus of My Flatmates, I Go Save, Hon. Dan of My Flatmates, Titus of My Flatmates, Prosper of My Flatmates and a London based comedian.

BBNaija Comedy Night Basket Mouth

As it is a tradition, the Comedy Night began with an exchange of introductions between the Celebrity guest and the housemates.

BBNaija Comedy Night With Comedians

Then the presentation began. Omashola was the MC.

The Presentations:

Stand up Comedy by Mike

Stand Up Comedy by Frodd

A funny Talent show by Diane, Seyi, Frodd, Cindy, Elozonam, Omashola, Mercy

Na Dem funny skirt by Tacha and Ike

Johnny Just Came Skit by Omashola, Frodd, Seyi and Ike

Market Comedy skit by Mercy, Frodd, Seyi, Tacha and Cindy

Two Comedy skits by Diane and Elozonam

The Guests did not only act as Judges but had a lot of fun watching the housemates perform.

Reactions From The Guests

After the presentations, came the food. A lot to eat and drink.

Basketmouth congratulated the housemates and said the show was brilliant.

The London Comedian said Seyi has so many potentials as an actor. He added that Mercy and Mike are amazing.

Titus said they are all amazing actors. Prosper shared the same view.

I Go loved the Preamble of The presentation.

Chigul said the housemates were really good. They all said Frodd has great marketing skills.

And the Housemates won their final Wager.

Hon. Dan loved Mike’s Stand Up Comedy and loved the way Mercy danced.

And the Guests could not go without making the housemates laugh. Buchi thrilled the housemates to a hilarious Stand-Up comedy skit.

From the arena, the housemates took their guests back into the house and showed them their house. And then, it was all fun fun fun till the end.

IK was the host of the entire event.

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