BBNaija: Tacha And Mercy Fight

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BBNaija: Tacha And Mercy Fight.

Finally, the Time Bomb exploded. Their fans have been at each others neck throughout the show and today, Mercy and Tacha went at each other.

This morning Big Brother called Seyi and gave him a scroll for the housemates. Seyi came out and called everyone to the lounge to read the scroll. Everyone was in the lounge except for mercy…

And Tacha was like Mercy sleep there ooo… Jokingly… And mercy didn’t hear her…so Cindy went to the bathroom to call mercy out… And then Tacha said again Mercy sleep there ooo jokingly again… This time mercy heard her and said you are Stup!d….!!!

Tacha didn’t hear that… So Cindy and mercy came to the lounge and Cindy went to Tacha and told her that Mercy said she is stup!d. Tacha jumped and ask mercy if she just called her stup!d? And then, the fight started.

Tacha said Mercy is a mor0n and clout chaser using Ike to gather highlights, adding that her a*s is fake. Mercy told Tacha to get rid of her body odour before talking to her. She added that Tacha is an instagram beggar who survives on comments. She can’t host, sing or do any other thing and she calls herself a celeb.

Tacha to Mercy “ Old cargo dating your son”

Mercy to Tacha “Should I date your father? You don’t know your age. Today you are 23. Tomorrow you’re 25″

BBNaija: Tacha And Mercy Fight.

As they continued exchanging words Mercy flaunts her hair in her face reminding her that she is a finalist and there is nothing Tacha can do. Tacha grabbed the hair, pulling Mercy.

It was getting more physical as Mercy quickly pick up an iron to slam Tacha with. Tacha also picked up a bottle waiting for Mercy to come at her.

Thanks to the boys, the two were prevented from hitting each other. When Big Brother saw that things were escalating, he called Mercy into the diary.

BBNaija: Tacha And Mercy Fight in the house

Seyi took Tacha to her room and calm her down telling her to try putting on some makeup instead. Tacha went in and immediately applied a body spray.

BBNaija Tacha And Mercy Fight: Part 2

Minutes later, Ebuka came into the house for the eviction and left. Immediately he left, Tacha resumed the fight. She continued calling Mercy names. She said Mercy has a fake as and she is the ambassador of black knuckles. “If you want to change your colour, do it right and not left. Ambassador of black knuckles. Fake a*s. I’m black, bold and beautiful. You are so dumb. Simple mathematics you don’t know. I am Tacha, I am not a virgin and I would not lie that I am.

“If I had that money, I won’t use it to buy immunity. I will earn it. You are not confident. That’s why you bought immunity. You are so dumb… dropout… I finished school”

Mercy who was still in the lounge ignored her and later went to the garden. She said she can come this far and get disqualified because of Tacha.

Even though Mercy was silent, Tacha did not stop. Mercy in retaliation said “You smell… Body smell… Mouth smell. Even on your period, you only bathe once a day. What kind of men even come after you… Ah people eat sh!t

“Instagram beggar surviving on comments. I’m in the final week. Come and talk to me when you survive eviction on Sunday”

Guys, tell us what you think about this much-anticipated fight that finally came today. Who served the other the real Cameroon pepper? Vote as many times as possible.

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