Tacha Disqualified From The BBNaija House

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Internet sensation and self-acclaimed Port-Harcourt first daughter Tacha has been disqualified from the Big brother house for physical violence.

Her Offence: During a fight with Mercy this morning, she broke the house rule against violence. She pulled Mercy’s hair twice and also shoved her with her body.

According to Big brother, she went violent on Mercy and attempted to physically harm her. This is against the house rule on Article 18 that prohibits violence.

She was immediately disqualified.

Big brother said she has broken the house rules on several occasions and countlessly, Big brother has forgiven her. However, the one this morning could not be overlooked.

Remember Tacha has always said that she won’t leave the house until day 99. “No Leave No Transfer” “I Pin” “I Brekete” “I Stand Full Ground” and “99 days” have always been her slogans.

To many, the disqualification of Tacha had long been overdue. She has fought with almost every housemate in the house. She even received strikes for disrespecting the organizers and host of the show.

Mercy, on the other hand, was found guilty of provocation and non-physical violence. This is because she flipped her hair at Tacha’s face, thereby provoking her. Big brother issued her a two-strike warning. Mercy started crying from the moment Big brother disqualified Tacha. According to her, she wished she avoided her. She is apparently not happy that she is part of the reason why Tacha got disqualified.

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