Most Beautiful BBNaija Pepper Dem Housemate

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BBNaija has ended but the conversation is definitely not ending anytime soon. This season, we arguably had one of the most beautiful sets of housemates ever; 14 young beautiful, black, bold and talented ladies. The question of who is the most beautiful has been asked countlessly. Why don’t we answer that question today? Who was the most beautiful housemate this season? Only your votes can answer that. So scroll down to the poll and let us know your most beautiful housemate.

Before you vote, let’s briefly remind you of the 14 female housemates we had this season.

Most Beautiful BBNaija Pepper Dem Housemate

Isilomo  Braimoh: 27-year-old HR Manager from Edo state. She spent a week in the house and got evicted based on Bet9ja coins.

Avala: a 30-year-old musician from Ogun state. She was evicted alongside Isilomo.

Ella: She is 30 from Anambra state. She spent two weeks in the Big Brother Naija house.

Kimoprah: To many, the eviction of the 23-year-old Beauty queen in the second week was quite shocking.

Thelma: She is 26 and many still remember her for her amazing zanku moves.

Enkay: She came into the house as one of the five new housemates brought in by Big Brother.

Jackye: She is super talented and always represented the ladies when it came to tasks in the house.

Esther: She was the youngest housemate this season; 22. She was the only female housemate who won the HOH title twice this season.

Venita: She was one of the five new housemates and many would remember her for the fresh drama she brought into the house.

Khafi: A Cup of Khafiiii: She brought a lot of energy into the house, always happy.

Cindy: Even as a new housemate, she gained a lot of popularity and was saved a couple of times by her fans.

Tacha: No Leave No Transfer. She is considered the most controversial of them of. Unfortunately, she got disqualified a week to the Grand finale.

Diane: Baby Girl for Life, Queen of the North. She made it to the final but unfortunately, she could not make it to the final. She got evicted on Monday, 6 days to the Finale.

Mercy: Lambor!!!!!!, Queen of Highlights. She was the last lady standing and emerged winner of BBNaija Pepper Dem Season 4.


This poll has now ended. Who is the most beautiful BBNaija housemate this season based on popular opinion? This poll received a total of 538663 votes. The winner had almost half of those votes with a total of 261616, scoring 48.51%. And the winner is…… drumroll………. Who else but Baby Girl for lifeDiane, Queen of the North, Natural beauty, dark skin beauty. Indeed black is beautiful. She has won Kamer Connect’s most beautiful girl Title and the exclusive bragging rights as the most beautiful PepperDem housemate, backed by your votes. Congratulations to Diane and congratulations to team Diane, the Russet Army, you all are the real MVPs.

Tacha, no leave no transfer, came second with 224263 – 41.63%.

Mercy, Queen of Highlights came third with 27617 – 5.13%.

Check the entire result below.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who Is The Most Beautiful Pepper Dem Housemate?
538663 votes

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99 thoughts on “Most Beautiful BBNaija Pepper Dem Housemate

  1. Tacha is the most beautiful girl in the house
    And she is a sweet person, I always love this word from her No leave No transfer

      1. Tacha is a true definition of a Black Woman . Non -Tolerant, strong, bold and super beautiful . I love her so much especially her words no leave no transfer

    1. Tacha is the most beautiful housemate in pepper 2019, she has self confidence and she’s brave and full of energy and she has a good heart

  2. My Diane who is from the North she is the most beautiful girl in the house just take a look at her black beauti and also she is the baby of the house I just love her and also Mercy is one of my other most beautiful girl in the house to I just love the both of them the way they take and put them self I just love them for that

  3. In place of the word most beautiful
    I have this words for Tacha
    Magnificent and magnifico
    Magnificent means Tacha is extremely beautiful, elaborate and impressive
    Why magnifico means Tacha is a very powerful, important and eminent person
    Love you Tacha
    Aka no leave no transfer

  4. Diane is naturally beautiful with or without makeup she looks beautiful…some ladies depend on makeup

    1. Diane russet is most beautiful girl black beauti African colour and she is natural she is not using makeup to make her beautiful no bleaching skin she is dark and neat ..her skin colour attract most people because she is natural.,,

  5. Mercy is the most beautiful girl in the house. Apart from appearance, her character: she is humble, generous, kind, neat, competitive, nice, a fashion slayer. Her heart is just beautiful. I love her and her pretty face

  6. Tacha ,my Best my love I love Tacha so much even when she smile and when she cry I will cry as well I swear down” A girl with sauce and full of love what more can I say I will always love Tacha forever

  7. Daine is the most beautiful girl in the house ,
    Even without makeup , with an expensive
    glowing skin that money cannot buy ( black) I love you my queen

  8. King Tacha is the most beautiful girl in the bbn house, pepper dem gang season 4.
    Her defense mechanism na die,no be here o,
    yet she’s so pure in heart,
    she was the Lion of that house,
    she was too bold, so sure and confident especially when she was up for possible eviction, never felt nor being intimidated,etc.
    That’s why I referred to her as King Tacha instead of Queen Tacha, because she was even more confident than the guys in that house.
    She has too many sweet quotes that’s will never leave our lips,eg
    And she lived up to it.

    1. Diane russet! Queen of the north .black is beautiful no bleaching and even without make up she still pretty .

      1. Diane
      2 .Kim
      3. Venita
      4. Mercy
      5. Tacha
      6. Khafi
      11. Thelma
      12. Cindy

    1. Diane the most beautiful, intelligent brown skin girl she has a heart of gold, even without makeup her beauty is still there

  9. For me Diane is a diamond, I voted her because she is d most beautiful black skin girl and d guys could attest to that

  10. My Diane all d way, she is d most beautiful lady in dat house with or without make up, my african queen, black beauty with brain,#istandwithblackbeauty

  11. Tacha! Tacha! Tacha! No other person but my baby girl Tacha , her smile is killer with her pure white set of teeth, her body shape is fire , she has pure heart , she does not keep grudges that makes her more beautiful than them all

  12. Diane is the most beautiful, even without make up she always glows.. with that melanin skin.. oh my God! I Stan a Queen like Diane…

  13. Who else can beat her, of course none. QUEEN TACHA most beautiful, bold and courageous woman i have ever seen. Can’t love ❤️ ❤️ you less sweetie.

  14. Tacha is the most beautiful housemate in the house… I love her personality’s.. The sky is ur stating point.. Go and excel n elevate

  15. No Leave No Transfer

  16. Diane is the most beautiful girl in bbn pepper Dem gang 2019, she is naturally beautiful with or without makeup, smart and intelligent.

  17. Tacha is the most beautiful and lovely. She’s bold and beautiful. She’s a lady that knows what she want and go for it. Most trend and talk about housemates. People hate her but she got unstoppable hard fan base. She’s the president of the TITANS. Finally she believes in her abilities and she’s a serial entrepreneur.

  18. But this should not be a question now, its clear, the most beautiful girl,in and out is DIANE. Except you guys wanna do it base on fans. But truthful,its DIANE.

  19. Diane is the most beautiful girl in bbn pepper them. With or without make-up, queen of the north. Baby gal for life

  20. Mercy is the most beautiful, beauty in and out even when she had no makeup on her face. She still look sweet.

  21. Diane #BabyGirlForLife is the most beautiful girl in bbn pepper them, with or without make-up she’s natural beauty brownskin

  22. Tacha my favourite in BBN season 4 and is the only pepper in the house as the name signifies pepper Dem.Tacha all the way.

  23. Tacha is the most beautiful girl in the big brother nija house season 4 she is sweet and loving I love everything about her she has thought me many things bbn no live no transfer I pin for ground 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  24. Diane is the most beautiful. She has her natural dark skin, no discoloration on the fingers or knuckles. With or without makeup she is beautiful

  25. A natural dark Africa colour can never be compared with a bleached fake beauty…. The world knows it that our miss beauty of 2919 pepper them gang is our baby girl for life DIANE

  26. Khafi is the real beauty.
    Inner beauty is the only beauty that lasts and she gat that!
    There’s no beauty without Khafi. Pure at heart. I don’t even want to talk about talents and endowments.

  27. Diane true n natural beauty, no bleaching, with or without make up the gal is beautiful, she is beautiful inside and out, tries definition of beauty

  28. Bleaching is not all about beauty…take a look at Dianne,natural,black and most beautiful with or without make up.I give it to her

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