Most Handsome BBNaija Pepper Dem Housemate

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Hello… Thanks for visiting Kamer Connect. The post-BBNaija conversations are still on. Yesterday, we talked about the most beautiful BBNaija housemate this season and you had the opportunity to decide who that housemate is by participating in our poll. But you know, it won’t be fair if we have a beauty queen without a king.

This season, we had some of the most handsome men of all time including fashion slayers, bodybuilders, runway models, etc. They were all good-looking but who amongst them was most handsome? Scroll down, vote and see results.

Before the poll, let’s quickly remind you of all the twelve men we had this season.

Tuoyo: A part=time stripeɿ, psychotherapist, fitness coach and of course, a dancer like no other. He spent only three weeks in the house but his journey was amazing.

Nelson: The former Mr. Universe Nigeria equally did not stay long. He maintained a cool personality and was involved in a love triangle with Esther and Frodd.

Jeff: First Head of House for the season. He was elected as HOH in the first week by his fellow housemates.

Joe: He was one of the new housemates brought in by Big Brother but his stay in the house was rather short.

Gedoni: A fashionista who many still remember for his love affair with Khafi.

Sir Dee: He was calm, talented and gave us the best of himself throughout his 10-week stay.

Elozonam (Baby Hercules): Of all the new housemates, he spent the longest time in the house and his love interest was Diane.

Ike (Igwe 2 Pac): From the States to the BBNaija house, falling in love with Mercy who eventually became the winner of the season.

Seyi (Sugar Daddy Sucre Papito): The smart, creative and intelligent housemate who was the only one lucky and hardworking enough to win the HOH title three times.

Omashola (Wariiiiii….. Street): The warri guy who never forgets where he comes from. Pidgin English was his preferred language and he made it to the finale.

Frodd (Slow Tiger): It can never be easy being fresh and odd but Frodd did that for 99 days and won the hearts of many. He won Ultimate Veto Power and made it to the top 3 this season.

Mike (The King of cruise): Many admired the way he carried himself throughout his stay in the house. He was first runner-up this season and the last male housemate standing.


This poll is now over and it’s time to reveal your winner. This poll received a total of 28933 votes. The winner had more than half of those votes. And he is…… Elozonam, Baby Hercules, the dance floor master. He had 52% with a total of 15137 votes. Congratulations to him, he has won Kamer Connect’s most handsome pepper Dem Housemate title backed by your votes. Congratulations to his fans as well, #TeamElo #TeamDialo

First runner up, Mike with 15% and second runner up, Frodd with 12%. Congrats to them and thanks for voting.

Check the entire result below.

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