BBNaija Power Couple 2019

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The Post BBNaija conversations continue on Kamer Connect. Today, we look at the different couples we had this season and give you the opportunity to decide who your BBNaija Power Couple is. Just scroll down to the poll, vote as many times as possible, invite your friends to vote and make your favorite win.

Like every other Big Brother, some relationships were formed this Pepper Dem season and kept fans talking nonstop. Some sailed and are still sailing, some sunk and some just did not or are apparently still to sail. These “SHIPS” as fans would love to refer to them were:

KHADONI (Khafi and Gedoni)

They were the first official couple in the house. This ship quickly sailed through when they survived week one evictions together. They came back into the house and a strong bond developed between them. They became a couple and had memorable moments together in the house.

Their bond eventually got broken when Gedoni got evicted. Khafi could not wait to leave the house and reunite with Gedoni whom she had already considered as the love of her life.

Unfortunately, when Khafi got out, videos of Gedoni and another girl were seen circulating on social media and rumors of their breakup where all over the media. However, in a recent video, Khafi said Gedoni is the salt of her life. So, let’s see what the future holds for their relationship.

MERIKE (Mercy and Ike)

BBNaija Power Couple 2019: Mercy and Ike

This was the second Official ship in the house and fans couldn’t just stop talking about it. They were there for each other throughout their stay in the house. They even emerged as first joint Heads Of House. They also had their drama moments, fighting now and reuniting the next moment.

BBNaija Power Couple 2019

Ike and Mercy have continued their relationship out of the house and are willing to take it to the next level. They even confirmed on the Big Brother Stage that they love each other.

DIALO (Diane and Elozonam)

BBNaija Power Couple 2019: Diane and Elo

Their fans can’t wait to see this ship sail. When Elozonam came into the house as a new housemate, they both got attracted to each and became very close friends. They spent quality time together, did a lot of things together, had a couple of discussions on the state of their relationships but just couldn’t make the ship official.

BBNaija Power Couple

They have however said they are working on it. Well, the Dialo ship is on but would it sail? Let’s just wait and see.

FRODDSTER (Frodd and Esther)

This was one of the most complicated ships this season. It was an easy ride for Frodd who was sidelined by Esther for Nelson. Frodd never gave up, he kept pushing and Esther finally came around when Nelson left. It was now Esther and Frodd.

They were there for each other and the FRODDSTER Ship was on, though it was never made official. Even when Esther left the house, she gave all her 1100 Bet9ja coins to Frodd. However, things apparently changed to the surprise of many when they got out of the house. We have not heard anything from them and they have not been seen together. They even unfollowed each other on Instagram. Was it just a game?

So, these are our top 4 couples this season. Who was your best, your favorite and of course you BBNaija Power Couple? Let’s hear from you via your votes. You can vote as many times as you want.


This poll is now over and it received a total of 37235 votes. The winning couple alone had over 62% of those votes (23229 votes) and that winning couple is…. …. …….. who else but DIALO (Diane and Elozonam). The cutest couple of all time. They are our BBNaija Ultimate Couple this season, thanks to your votes.

Congratulations to Baby Girl For Life and Baby Hercules. Thumbs up to #teamDIALO.

Check the entire result on the poll.

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