Lady Claims Davido Is Responsible For Her Pregnancy

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A video of two young ladies, Helen and Susan has been trending this Wednesday on social media. In the video, one of the girls Helen says her sister Susan is pregnant for Nigerian Super Star Davido. According to them, Davido does not want to claim responsibility and it is disheartening.

According to the girls, it all happened on a particular day when Helen was celebrating her birthday at Eko Hotel. Susan met the manager of Davido and he introduced her to Davido. According to her,” we met, had something and I thought it will be a normal thing.”

She later found out that she was pregnant and since then has been trying to call Davido and has not been able to reach him. They say they are not doing this because they want to trend or want Davido’s money. They say all they want is for Davido to claim responsibility for the pregnancy; else they will send him to jail. “Congratulations to Chioma but we don’t care about his son. We don’t need his money, but he must play his role as a father in the child’s life.”  They add.

Davido just recently welcomed his first son with his girlfriend Chioma. Many who have been reacting to the story think the girls are faking the story to get social media attention and fame. Well, if at all the story of this girl is true; did this girl not know that this man had a girlfriend who was pregnant for him?

When the girls noticed that they video had gone viral and may get them into trouble, they did another video saying they were just joking and it was all a prank.

Davido’s Reaction

Davido in reaction to the video in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle described the claims of the sisters as an attempt at “clout chasing.” He also vowed to send them to jail.

He tweeted, “Y’all taking this clout chasing and social media sht too far!! Imma go to the end of the world and use all my power to make sure dem end up in prison!!!!!”

He has also added that he will be suing them for 30 billion naira for damages.

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