Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples

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Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples: Diane and Elozonam (DIALO), Mercy and Ike (MERIKE), Khafi and Gedoni (KHADONI), Frodd and Esther (FRODDSTHER) and others.

Hello Fam… This season of Big Brother Naija 2019, we saw some friendships that eventually grew into love relationships. The question has always been, will these relationships last? Well, let’s go down memory lane and look at how these couples all started and what has happened to their relationships now.

Khafi and Gedoni (KHADONI)

It didn’t take long before Gedoni and Khafi discovered that they had mutual feelings for each. Their relationship kicked off as early as the second week in the house. Khafi seemed to be quite happy and it appeared she was truly in love with Gedoni. However, many thought it was not the same feeling for Gedoni. Their ship was on and lively but eventually came to a halt with the eviction of Gedoni.

Khafi couldn’t wait to see Gedoni again. She eventually got out of the house but she was apparently not happy with what she saw and heard. Videos of Gedoni and another girl where all over the media. They unfollowed each other and it was rumored that their ship had sank. Recently, in a video, Khafi said Gedoni is the salt of her life. It was surprising to many who had already ruled out the possibility of them ever getting back together. Apparently, they are not back together but who knows, it may just happen soon.

Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples: Mercy and Ike (MERIKE)

Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples: Merike

These two share several unique qualities. They made their ship sailed against all odds and were there for each other throughout their stay in the house. Their relationship is still on and it doesn’t look like they have plans to end it anytime soon. They have been seen on several occasions looking all happy since the show ended.

With the way things are going, we may just be expecting a ring from Ike anytime soon. Why not? Ike himself said he is in love with Mercy and Mercy said the exact same thing on stage. The two may have their challenges but they are a strong couple and have the ability to turn those challenges into strengths. So, as of now, the Merike ship is still 100% on.

Diane and Elozonam

The cutest couple of the season, they really did not define their relationship but well, they admitted they are attracted to each other and are willing to make things work between them.

As of now their friendship is still on and for the relationship that their fans can’t wait to see happen, they have said they are working on it.

Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples: Dialo

We have seen them together on several occasions ever since they left the house. We even saw them together on an outing or maybe a date? Well, if you are DIALO shipper, just keep shipping, it may be official soon.

Frood and Esther

These two developed a bond that was rather surprising to many. We have not really heard much from them after the show but it was rumored that they are not in good terms. Why, I can’t tell. They even unfollowed each other on Instagram. But we recently saw them together being endorsed as Ambassadors of a particular brand.

Updates On BBNaija PepperDem Couples: Froddster

Still talking about Esther, there was another strong bond between her and Nelson but it seems all that ended in the house as nothing has been heard of them outside the house.

There was also a potential ship between Diane and Tuoyo. Apparently, Tuoyo was willing to make that happen as he kept saying he couldn’t wait to see her after leaving the house but it seems there is now a higher probability that that may not happen, at least not anytime soon.

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