Landslide In Bafoussam Kills Over 40, Leaving Several Others Injured

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Landslide In Bafoussam Kills Over 40, Leaving Several Others Injured.

A landslide has occurred at deuxieme Carrefour Ngouache, Bamungoum, Bafoussam III in the Mifi division of the West region of Cameroon claiming the lives of many and leaving several others seriously injured.

 The disaster that occurred on the night of Monday breaking Tuesday, October 29, 2019, resulted from intense rainfall in the city of Bafoussam. The landslide began at Block 4 neighborhood bringing down about 11 houses.

Landslide In Bafoussam kills over 40

At the moment, the death toll is feared to have risen from the initial 15 declared earlier today to over 40 persons. Victims were evacuated to the Bafoussam Regional Hospital. It is feared that over 34 persons declared missing may still be trapped in the rubble.

Excavators have been digging up the earth since Tuesday morning as rescue teams comprising of the population of Block 4 and the forces of law and order search for the missing bodies under the supervision of the West Governor, Awa Fonka Augustine. The administrative authorities have exhorted persons living in risky zones to leave the areas as the heavy rains persist.

Landslide In Bafoussam
Landslide In Bafoussam leaves several persons injured

Many think the disaster would have been prevented if adequate planning was done and persons were prevented from constructing at the area considered to be a risk zone.

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