Next Ambassador Of Jenesis Colony: Mercy Or Tacha?

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A real estate company Jenesis Colony Estate needs a brand ambassador who will add value to their company and also add some pepper as well. Where can that value and pepper come from, if not from one of our Pepper dem gang? Now, it is between Tacha and Mercy and you need to help them make that decision.

In their words “Who do you think will add value to us? Mercy or Tacha? Who should we sign as brand ambassador? We need a bit of pepper”

That is why we have created this poll because we know you know who is best fit for this. We have also linked to Jenesis Colony so they can see this poll and take your views into consideration.

Remember that last year, ex Double Wahala housemate Alex Asogwa signed an endorsement deal with Jenesis Colony.

Who will sign that deal with them this year, Mercy or Tacha? help them make that decision. Vote as many times as possible to make your favorite win and emerge as brand ambassador of Jenesis Colony Estate.

Don’t forget to also state your reason in the comment section as to why you want Mercy or Tacha to be signed as the latest brand ambassador of Jenesis Colony estate.

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