Next Ambassador Of Jenesis Colony: Mercy Or Tacha?

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A real estate company Jenesis Colony Estate needs a brand ambassador who will add value to their company and also add some pepper as well. Where can that value and pepper come from, if not from one of our Pepper dem gang? Now, it is between Tacha and Mercy and you need to help them make that decision.

In their words “Who do you think will add value to us? Mercy or Tacha? Who should we sign as brand ambassador? We need a bit of pepper”

That is why we have created this poll because we know you know who is best fit for this. We have also linked to Jenesis Colony so they can see this poll and take your views into consideration.

Remember that last year, ex Double Wahala housemate Alex Asogwa signed an endorsement deal with Jenesis Colony.

Who will sign that deal with them this year, Mercy or Tacha? help them make that decision. Vote as many times as possible to make your favorite win and emerge as brand ambassador of Jenesis Colony Estate.

Don’t forget to also state your reason in the comment section as to why you want Mercy or Tacha to be signed as the latest brand ambassador of Jenesis Colony estate.

Who should be signed as next ambassador of Jenesis Estate?
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80 thoughts on “Next Ambassador Of Jenesis Colony: Mercy Or Tacha?

  1. Tacha is real. She is a real asset as she comes with the “sold out” theme. She is as real as the value she will add to your company.
    She is a goal_getter.

    1. Tacha is focused, her other name is goodnews. Go check those that already signed her, all she brings to them is goodnews. Have u heard of team soldout? Yes! She’s there queen. She has the biggest fanbase that are giving her full support will which really help, she has influential people around, she has integrity and she’s a very loyal person. Loyal to the core

  2. Mercy, because she is business oriented. She is ready to utilize any opportunity that comes her way, a daughter of grace, what ever she lays her hands on must Florish. And I thrust she will deliver to the organization want they want.

  3. Tacha should be signed on because the moment she’s announced as brand ambassador,you guys will have lots of clients patronising you. She’s business oriented and will always advertise your houses at every given opportunity. Please pick Tacha.

    1. Tacha because she is business oriented. Her online shop #everythingtacha has been running for years .she even have her own Tax clearance certificate. We she signs this deal you will get a lot of customers.

      1. Tacha is the best person to win this…tacha is straightforward and strong. She is the best person that will add value to your company. She is business oriented and hard-working

  4. Mercy is the real deal because even in the house she show us how capable she can do business when she sell her picture to mike I think she is really a business woman

  5. Tacha because she is business minded and have the zeal to achieve her goals. Most of all she has that lovable personalities and a good smile to attract customers.

  6. Tacha carries more and hot pepper… She is business mogul and a very good influencer… Everything she lays her hands upon turns to gold…. She’s team sold out…. She has d largest and supportive fan base which is very good for d business….. She will take this to higher level with her seriousness…. She’s good and amazing. Tacha is the best for you. Tnks

  7. Tacha because she is business oriented and have the largest fan base which is a very good strategy for every business tycoons to use the advantages of her fans to grow der business pages and also sell out der properties 🔱🔱🔱

    1. Tacha because she’s a pacesetter, she got all it takes to make biz boom considering her personality and her fan base!
      Any company/organization who signs her will ve nothing to worry regrets and reasons to smile!!

  8. Tacha cuz she will be a loyal Ambassador n we all how she was loyal to her friends in the house, she is business oriented and a good leader

  9. Tacha is the best option for any business driven company, she’s business herself & very good in marketing & widely loved by people, many would love to patronize whatever she brings to them

  10. Tacha should be signed in… She has all it takes, the Charisma, bold, confidence, smart, intelligent, She speaks fluently, and more so her fan base is next to none in Africa… if you sign her, it will be more adverts for you, more patronage, cos people love yo patronise anything Tacha is involved in, ur customers will Triple intact I lack words…


  12. If you truly need pepper I’ll advice you give that to symply tacha, she’s got the real pepper..🔱🔱🔱🔱

  13. Tacha is already a business oriented person she can sells everything even though your company is in line of real estate not all titans can afford now they will advertise more it will to get to the rich and those who can afford. You don’t need to be told just try her

  14. Tacha is the best for your company because her fan base consist of all age.youths.middle age and old,mothers and father’s all over the world. She has influence people like me in different ways. She can convince us to buy anything the love for Tacha is from within.mothers like us pray for her I don’t know her but I know she is grace personified.

  15. U need value and pepper in ur company then TACHA is d key,.she’s business minded and oriented, she’s a real hustler cuz she knows what it is starting from a scratch. She is where she is today because of how she put her heart and her all in everything she’s doing or lay her hands upon. A huge fan base u can use as advantage to ur organization.

  16. Tacha because she isn’t just your typical ambassador….her fan base spans through the whole of Africa and beyond….She is right there with the western reality stars…She is what you need to go global.

  17. Mercy will be good
    She have a good relationship,very friendly and above all have a good and reputation and good personality too

  18. Tacha Is fit for this because she’s business minded and have a lot of fans this will improve ur business so well and won’t regret this

  19. Tacha because she is business minded and very conscious of profit. She is ready to work hard for anything she set her mind on. I chose Tacha any day

  20. Mercy is the real deal. She read Estate Management and has can do well in the area of (CRM) customer relationship management. She has face and idea to take this organization to the level you never expected. She is friendly and has this humor of handling any workstress. She has patience to work under stress without losing concentration, follow up her tasks in the BBnija house. She will operates in silent and it shows afterward. She hates to fail, so this alone will tell you how determined she can be in achieving desired goals.

  21. Tacha. She’s business minded, smart, creative and more importantly she has huge influence. Her titans are very supportive of anything that involves her. Her awesome management is not excluded as they’re know for bringing out the best. In whatever way you’d need to grow, Tacha is the the best choice.

  22. Tacha cos everything Tacha…. Trust me the moment you endorse her bet you, you’ll have more client…. Super client.

    You know very well Titans are always there fore her

  23. Tacha will make good brand ambassador bcos she is business oriented …team sold out , she will give more pepper than mercy with her strong fans base .@_Titans will make more pepper for ur company will be good if make her ur brand ambassador.. Thanks

  24. Tacha is the best best ideal person for this position am sure you will be proud.. she’s an entrepreneur and Love’s what she does and an inspiration to many

  25. Ask me to describe Tacha in two words, i will tell you, “SOLD OUT”!

    She can sell and trend anything even if it’s urine!

  26. Mercy is the BEST DEAL..She’s a GOAL GETTER, Amiable, above all She’s too humble. Also goes extra mile to see that her target is achieved

  27. I dont like the reality show Bbn that much.But few times I only watched their sponsor tasks presentations.. Tacha is more bold, blunt and outspoken then mercy. To me she’s business minded. Thanks

  28. Go for Tacha because she is business minded and oriented…. Tacha is this kind of girl that does not joke with business or anything relating to work and you can relate to that when she was still in the house, she put aside any misunderstanding she had with any housemate when it comes to any task . Mercy is okay too but tacha will give your business an avenue to boom than before because of her fan base and the purpose of any business is to suit the end user and Tacha will do that with your business, she is a good influencer.

  29. Tacha has experience in business Management and she will perform well as a realtor. She is has the qualities of an ambassador and as a social media influencer she will represent your brand Effectively efficiently.

  30. tacha because she has the characteristics of a winner and she is capable of promoting any brand right now and we titans will always support her

  31. Tacha because she is a business minded perdon and businees oriented.. she is intelligent and smart.. she has all that it takes to be part of ur organization

  32. Tacha is the real deal of course she has an army behind her Titans are not resting because they know Tacha is able and capable not to mention her characteristics are out of this world so go for the best among the rest and that’s Tacha

  33. Tacha is always serious don’t play with her business ..tacha is always minding the work given to her… Ready to advertise and make it sell…and she have experience in business management …

  34. Mercy Mercy Mercy!!!
    She puts her best in everything she does, she is very determined to achieve success, she is highly result driven and never wanting to lose.
    She is already a real estate guru with more than 6 years of experience
    She has a reliable fan base who can afford to buy the houses and she always win

  35. Tacha
    Tacha has been the best version of herself and she is so dedicated in whatever she does..she is a courageous woman and a go getter …she has a great fan base too..and her titans are ever ready to promote whatever she does…you definitely need her

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