BIGGY 237: BT Media Revealed As Official Media Partner

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One question that many have asked countlessly ever since the birth of the BIGGY 237 initiative has been “on which TV channel would it be broadcast?”

Finally, BIGGY answered that question today. Before revealing the official media partner, BIGGY asked on their Facebook page the channel many would be expecting the show to be broadcast on. Many suggested that the Show should have their own TV channel and name it BIGGY 237 TV. Others thought this won’t be possible for a maiden edition and proposed that the organizers partner with local TV stations like BT Media.

Well, BIGGY had all that figured out already as they went on minutes later to announce BT Media as their official media partner.

This is the announcement on their official Facebook page:

BT Media Group is in the building!
It has blown.The speakers are on!
Do you want to watch Biggy237 on TV? Stay tuned.BT Media is on the game pop. We increase the thank you volume for BT Media. Biggy237Cameroon🇨🇲showdemGamechangers

This means BT Media channels are the channels to tune in to for all the Biggy 237 gist, drama, suspense and intrigues.

If you are out of Cameroon and you don’t have access to the BT Media channels, you can still follow the show as it will be streamed live on their official Facebook page @BIGGY 237.

Biggy 237 premieres in January 2020.

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