Press Review 001 Monday, December 02, 2019

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Good morning readers and welcome to this maiden edition of Press Review on Kamer Connect. On Press Review, we bring the newspapers to you daily and make sense out of them by digging a little further into the top stories.  Visit Kamer Connect every weekday for a review of the newspapers.

It’s Monday, December 2, 2019, let’s get started.

The Guardian Post

We begin with the lone English daily and the big story on the paper is “Suspected Amba fighters open fire on Camair-Co plane in Bafut.” That incident happened yesterday December 1, 2019 in the North West region. The shot aircraft is now grounded at the Baafut airport. A total of 14 bullets were fired at it.

The paper also talks about Therapy, a Cameroonian movie featuring international stars like Richard Mofe Damijo and Iretiola Doyle of Tinsel. The movie also features some of Cameroon best actors including Alenne Menget, Syndy Emade, Ermelinda Simo Sakah and Lucie Membe. The movie is directed by Musing Derick and Artnurin and produced by Ermelinde Simo Sakah Jing and Sakah Antoine. The movie will be premiered soon.

The Papers adds that Elie Smith, the spokesperson of the Anglophone General Conference is willing to convince Amba fighters to drop arms if he is given the means.

The GP also writes on the election of Viban Jude as the New National President of the Cameroon English Speaking Journalist Association (CAMASEJ). Viban Jude was elected over the weekend after beating his rival, Moki Charles Linonge. Viban Jude takes over from Simon Lyonga (Station Manager of CRTV Sports and Entertainment.

The Sun

The Sun asks if a ceasefire deal and election postponement is in view after the visit of the AU, Commonwealth and Francophonie trio. The Sun adds that after the visit of leaders of the three organizations, their sources have hinted to them of a possible ceasefire deal between government and armed groups and a postponement of the 2020 twin elections. According to the paper, SDF and PCRN may join the CRM to boycott the elections.

The paper goes back memory lane and focus on the life of Ahmadou Ahidjo and his times as Cameroon’s first President. The paper says it is an exclusive document you don’t want to miss. Get details on page 6, 7 and 8 of this edition of the Sun.

The paper comes back on the election of CAMASEJ new president and captions “Jude Viban wins CAMASEJ Presidency after tense and bitter election.”

How and Why Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was deposed, details on page 2.

The Post

The Post comes back on the Camair- Co incident in the North West region and says Gunmen are responsible for the incident.

The post also writes about Human rights report and says it is dominated by extra-judicial killings and squalid detention conditions.

The paper describes Therapy as an Enthralling Must Watch Cameroonian Movie.

The Star

The paper headlines on the law on the promotion of official languages and says lawyers have threatened to protest if the law is not promulgated. The paper adds that Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh has rejected section 26 of the law that will make French compulsory in English speaking courts.


Eden writes about surging calls for massive Boycott of the 2020 twin elections and says the government is in panic. What is the place of election boycott in democracy? Details on Eden

The paper adds that the Prime Minister Dion Ngute has tabled FCFA 5000bn Finance bill.

Municipal Updates

The paper captions “Moves towards restoring peace in NW/SW: Concerted Global Action Heightens.”

The paper says the Jude Viban era has begun at CAMASEJ.

Ahead of the 2020 twin elections, President Biya has given special instructions to the Governors, details on this edition of Municipal updates. The paper also questions if ELECAM can organize credible elections in the NW and SW.

Cameroon Insider

The big story on the front page of Cameroon insider this morning is about the 2020 state budget. The paper says Gov’t has proposed 4,951.7 Billion to MPs.

Thanks for reading, keep the rendezvous tomorrow morning for another edition of Press Review.

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