Press Review 002 Tuesday, December 03, 2019

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Good day and welcome to today’s edition of press review. Let’s start our review with the lone  English daily, The Guardian Post.

The Guardian Post

On the Anglophone Crisis, the paper says the attack on Camair-Co plane in Bamenda has provoked widespread condemnation. The paper makes reference to Barrister Akere Muna and Chris Fomunyoh who have qualified the attack as international terrorism. Barrister Akere Muna says “Shooting at CAMAIR-CO Aircraft type MA60 in #Bamenda is an outright act of international terrorism. It advances no cause, endangers innocent lives & destroys any capital of sympathy accumulated. Many of us toil day and night for #justice and #peace. Then this! #AnglophoneCrisis.”

According to Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, the attack is very sad and unacceptable. He adds it is a gross violation of international law and escalation is further proof we are close to the abyss and need genuine help to bring the crisis to an end.

The paper comes back to Prof. Kamto’s interview on La Verite En Face on Equinoxe Tv and captions “ Kamto reveals inner thoughts on Anglophone Crisis.” Kamto said both separation and a return to a two states federation are not a solution to the Anglophone crisis. He also urged Cameroonians to recognize a new phase of living together.

On the 2020 twin election, the paper writes that the government has simply laughed off SDF boycott threats. Remember, the SDF through its first Vice President Joshua Osih has said they will boycott the elections if peace does not return to the two regions before February 9.

The Rambler

The rambler on its big story this morning describes the major national dialogue as deaf and says the peace caravans sent to the North West and South West have been grounded. The paper adds that the leader of the caravans Tumi and Nkea advocated truth, love but had political foxes on their caravan.

The paper comes back on SDF’s elections boycott threats and writes “SDF wants war ended before February elections.”

Le Gideon

2020 Twin elections: Calls for Boycotts multiply. The paper cites the case of Cabral Libii of PCRN. The paper also writes about the administrative bottlenecks faced by aspiring opposition candidates.

Governors discuss security measures for upcoming elective exercise.

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