Press Review 003 Wednesday, December 04, 2019

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Good morning fam and welcome to the midweek edition of Press Review on Kamer Connect.

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The Guardian Post

The paper says after announcing withdrawal, the SDF MPs are tiptoeing into Parliament. According to the Guardian Post, some were spotted signing documents believed to be the process to enable them receive their session allowances. Remember that, the SDF MPs earlier said they will only return to parliament when important bills are about to be voted, especially bills on special status. The Guardian Post adds that it is not known if the move by the MP’s to return to parliament even without the arrival of the said bill is a decision of the party’s hierarchy.
The paper also captions “Common Law lawyers begin another strike today.” The lawyers are protesting against the imminent adoption of a bill that will see French language dominate English language in NW, SW courts.
European Union makes damaging remarks on 2020 twin polls, but the President of the Pan African parliament, Cameroonian born Roger Nkodo Dang tells off EU.
The Guardian Post also writes about a rap£ story in Douala. According to the paper, a nine year old girl, Tracy Carole was rap£d to death in a neighborhood in Douala by a Malian. When the corpse of the girl was discovered in the house of the Malian, youths of the vicinity could not hold their anger and threatened to vandalize the Malian Consulate in Douala.\
Cameroon Tribune

On the 2020 twin elections, the paper says the government is on a move to prioritize optimal media coverage. According to the paper, Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi while defending a budget of 6 billion FCFA at the National Assembly indicated that his ministry will give maximum concern to fair coverage of the elections.
The paper also writes about congenital malformation and says 13 children suffering from it will soon be operated in Yaoundé.
That is all we can take on the papers today. Thanks for reading and visit Kamer Connect tomorrow morning for another review.
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