I Would Love To Have Twins – 84Yr-Old Woman Who Marries Her 74Yr-Old Lover

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It has been two weeks since Muhammad Liti who is 74 and his wife Fatsuma who is 84 decided to tie the knot. The couple has come out to tell their love story and why they think their age difference is not a problem for them.

Their love story began in April after many started noticing that Liti had been visiting Fatsuma’s house time and again.

“Initially, we were provoking each other because we are from different backgrounds but when love came into the picture, we forgot about every other thing,” says a seemingly very happy Liti. Liti adds that when a man keeps running after a woman, then he must have really fallen deeply in love with her.

akara (brown), the delicacy that usually takes Liti to Fatsuma’s area. Commonly eaten with Pap (Cameroon) or akamu (Nigeria)

On how the new bride Fatsuma fell in love with the love of her life, Liti, she says “I used to sell Akara (bean cake). Whenever he came to buy, he would bring gifts like money and other things. “

Fatsuma says her children are in full support of her union with Liti. “When we decided to become a couple, some people started talking to my children, trying to convince my daughter to disturb my marriage plans. Luckily enough, my first daughter Maimuna gave me her full support.”

Liti says his children are also in full support of their union and some of them even contributed money for their wedding. However, Liti is a polygamist – Polygamy is a common practice in Northern Nigeria where Liti is from. He has two wives already, but he says his wives are ok with his third wife.

Would the 10 year age difference be a barrier? The couple is certain that won’t happen. Liti says though Fatsuma is older than him, “she must respect me and I will equally treat her with respect and dignity.”

When Fatsuma was asked if she would like to have any children, she exclaimed with joy and said she would love to have as many children as possible. She added that she would love to have a set of twins to name them “Hasana and Husaina. Fatsuma added that she hopes they will remain forever till death do them part.

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