Cameroon Artist of The Year 2019

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Cameroon Artist of The Year 2019 – Scroll down, vote for your artist of the year and see results.

The year 2019 is now going down the annals of history but has indeed been a memorable year in the Cameroon Music industry – we saw the release of better hit songs that can compete internationally, collaborations between artist, bigger and better concerts, our artists bringing back home international awards, controversies and a lot more that have shaped and reshaped the industry. In fact the rate at which the industry is evolving is amazing.

Cameroon Artist of The Year 2019

Thumbs up to all 237 artists who made of proud of our music industry this 2019. They have been all amazing but some have done better and some have even been excellent.

So who is that artist that stood out for you this 2019? Who was your best artist this 2019? We have put together a list of 11 artists, hoping that one out of that 11 was your best this year. Of course, these artists were not just selected randomly, they were selected because this 2019, they have been some of the most outstanding, they have released some of the best hits, they have been at the center of several controversies, they have bagged home some awards and of course, they have been some of the most talked about this year.

Cameroon Artist of The Year 2019 ranking

These artists in alphabetical order are Askia, Awu, Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Fhish, Jovi, Kameni, Nabila, Pascal, Salatiel and Stanley Enow.

So just scroll down to the poll and vote for your artist of the year. Kamer Connect will publish a list of top 10 artists of the year in Cameroon based on your votes. That means the artist who wins on this post will be at position number 1 on that ranking and so on.

If you have an artist of the year who is not part of the 11 shortlisted here, please, kindly tell us in the comment section with a justifiable reason and we will include your artist.

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