BIGGY 237 Strongest Contestants

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Who are BIGGY 237 Strongest Contestants? Vote and see results.

Hello… Thanks for visiting Kamer Connect today. The Biggy 237 show is a show that has taken Cameroon by storm. We all saw how fantastic the launch was on the 10th of January 2020 at Douala-Bercy in Akwa, Douala. So expect the best of entertainment, fun, drama, intrigue, suspense, twists and much more when the contestants officially move into the house.

We have 61 contestants in the running but only 25 of them will enter the Biggy house and the other 36 will just watch with us and perhaps get another chance next time. Which contestants do you think have better chances of being amongst these 25? Who are your strongest based on what you have seen so far? Just scroll down and vote for them.

Remember, the stakes are high and this is an opportunity to sell your favorite as much as you can and make fans join your team. This poll will be seen by thousands of fans and fans will only join your team when they see that you are winning. So vote for your favorite as many times as possible and make them trend and trust me, fans will not forget them anytime soon.

This is not an official Biggy 237 voting poll. The poll is just aimed at finding out which contestants have the strongest fan bases. Let’s see who wins on this poll as well as the top 10 and top 25 contestants.

Who Is Your Strongest Biggy 237 Contestant?
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