If I Cheat On You, You Have To Forgive But If You Cheat Back, The Marriage Is Over ~ Man Warns His Future Wife

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“If i marry you and I cheat, you have to forgive. If you cheat back the marriage is over.” Nigerian man warns his future wife

So this good looking guy from Nigeria has warned his future wife of what will happen if she cheats on him in their marriage.

Alex Uchenna said in a Facebook post that if he cheats on his future wife, he expects her to forgive him but if she on the other hand cheats on him, that will be the end of their marriage.

He wrote:

“If I marry you and I cheat on you, you have no choice than to forgive me but if you cheat back you will reach your father’s house. Note:- You can only cheat back when you’re the one who paid your own bride price, get the items in the annoying long list, pay the bills for your tradition and white wedding, rent the house, buy your own car, pay the bills and provide the foods in the house.”

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Is the fact that men bear the burden of paying the bride price and carrying out almost all financial and material obligations during the wedding enough reason for them to cheat and not expect their partners to do same?

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