Biggy 237 Phase 1 Begins

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Biggy 237 Phase 1 Begins on February 9, 2020.

The wait is now over as the first phase of the Biggy 237 reality TV show kicks off on Sunday, February 9, 2020. The show will be hosted by Mero K.

Remember Biggy 237 is divided into two phases. The first phase which involves the broadcast of tasks and voting of candidates starts on Sunday as from 7:30 PM Cameroon time.  The shows of 52 minutes each involves four tasks of selected themes and will run for over a month.

The tasks presented by contestants in 30 seconds videos will be broadcasted on My Media Prime on February and subsequently on My Movie TV.

Task 1: How will you market the city where you currently live to a stranger or tourist in a filmed 30 seconds video?

Subsequent tasks

Task two: Assuming Biggy 237 is a product you wish to sell out, create an advert in a 30 seconds video, which would be captivating to the audience and create more awareness about your product.

Task three: Show the public how to take care of your loved ones (spouse, parents, children or relatives) in a filmed 30 seconds video.

Task four: In a 30 seconds filmed video, carry out an activity aimed at protecting the environment.

The voting lines for the first task will officially open on the same Sunday, February 9, 2020 as from 7:30 PM Cameroon time and will close on February 19, 2020.

For complete details on how to vote (home and abroad), check here: Biggy 237: How to Vote and Cost per vote.

The Biggy 237 teams will then gather and read the results in another grand show.

Phase two will begin in April in the Biggy 237 house with the 25 housemates selected from the 61 contestants through your votes. Remember, only your votes can send your favorite into the house.

During phase 2, there will be voting, weekly evictions, tasks and much more.

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