Ultimate Love Couples – Pairings And Couple Names

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The second Live Show of the all new Nigerian reality love show Ultimate Love aired on Sunday 16 February and Love Guest were paired into official couples.

Official Couples where asked to merge their names and come up with one name which will act their initials during nominations, voting, evictions et others.

These are our Couples and Their couplenames
Arnold & Bolanle — Bolar
Iyke & Theresa — Iykeresa
Cherry & Micheal — Micherry
David Wilson & Presh Talker — PreshDavid
Louis & Jenny Koko — Jelou
Obichukwu & Ebiteinye — ObiEbe
Nkechi & Jay — Jaykechi

Those are our first seven couples. The other 6 love guests could not be matched based on their choices on Saturday. They were given 5 minutes to either pair up amongst themselves or checkout.

Well, they all went with the first option and these are our last three couples and their couple names.

Chris & Uchenna — ChrisUch
Jerry & Sylvia — Jervia
Kachi & Rosie — Roksie

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