Buea Gets New Mayor

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The city of Buea in the restive South West region of Cameroon now has a new mayor. Barrister David Namange Mafany was elected at the Buea Council hall today February 18, 2020, as the New Mayor of the city.,

According to The Advocate Cameroon, three other candidates Mafany Teke, Ngongi Namanga and Kange Williams Wasaloko walked out of deliberations, leaving Mafany Namange as the lone candidate. The three candidates have petitioned the Secretary-General of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Party (CPDM), Jean Kuete, saying the party hierarchy in Fako manifested undue interest and influence in the process.

The new mayor of Buea, the City of Excellence, is taking over the council at a very challenging period. He would have to continue the fight against insecurity and the ghost town phenomenon in the city as his predecessor late Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge did until his death on October 27th, 2019 in the city of Douala.

There is also the challenge of bringing portable drinking water to all corners of Buea – water has become one of the major needs of the inhabitants of Buea and so the Mayor has a big task ahead of him. He has also promised to electrify the streets, especially the major streets of the city.

Barrister Namange is also the South West Regional Manager of Credit Foncier and Fako 3 section President for the CPDM.

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