Ultimate Love Most Trending Couple

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It is time to hype and make your favorite Ultimate love couple trend as much as possible. Scroll down to the poll, vote for your favorite pair and see which pair is leading (Most trending couple).

The Ultimate love game just got more interesting as all 10 pairs were revealed during the live checkout show on Sunday.

Which pair are you rooting for?

Now, you know who is paired with who. If you don’t, then, check out the pairs below.

These are our Couples and Their couple names

Arnold & Bolanle — Bolar
Iyke & Theresa — Iykeresa
Cherry & Micheal — Micherry
David Wilson & Presh Talker — PreshDavid
Louis & Jenny Koko — Jelou
Obichukwu & Ebiteinye — ObiEbe
Nkechi & Jay — Jaykechi

Chris & Uchenna — ChrisUch (Uchenna left voluntarily on Monday).
Jerry & Sylvia — Jervia
Kachi & Rosie — Roksie

So, which couple is your favorite? Vote as many times as possible, see results and invite your friends to vote.

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33 thoughts on “Ultimate Love Most Trending Couple

  1. True love has no confusion, it says and sees it from the rising morning sun before it goes dark. Iykeresa are my sailed ship , no stopping them, my true love birds all the way Iykeresa SHIP SIGNED AND SAILED . NO PIPING LOW HERE BASE ON WHO I BE..

  2. Preshdavid are the best, David admits to his faults apologies when he’s wrong, he’s so humble not proud, presh is beautiful inside and out, I pray for God to help them win this game

  3. Love is a beautiful thing and Roksie love was so natural and real and I pray it will last forever… Roksienation I stan forever

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