Ultimate Love: Would The Gentlemen Swap Their Partners?

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Ultimate Love: Would The Gentlemen Swap Their Partners?

After the one-on-one sessions with the ladies on Wednesday, it was time for Aunty to have sessions with the gentlemen in the love pad yesterday. While chatting with the boys, Aunty asked them a question she had asked the ladies earlier, Would You Swap Your Partner for another love guest?

These are the responses Aunty got from all 9 male love guests.

Arnold: Can I think about it?
Aunty: No, you can’t. You don’t have that time to think about it. I just want a yes or no. It’s not like I’m going to give you the opportunity to do so. I just want to know if you would if you had the opportunity.
Arnold: Well, let me go and face my wahala.

Iyke: No, definitely not here and not even out there. Theresa is a perfect match for me.

Jay: No, I’m very contented with who I am with.

Ultimate Love: Would The  Gentlemen Swap?

David: No. The connection is strong

Kachie: I won’t. I stay true to words, come rain, come shine.

Michael: No. I have never thought about that. I’m ok with her.

Obichukwu: No way!

Louis: No. If it is not Koko, I will just checkout.

Jerry: I was so sure about it before today but we had a conversation and she asked me to be a friend to Sylvia.
Aunty: Who is she?
Jerry: Rosie
Aunty: So you’re saying you would swap if you’re given the opportunity
Jerry: Yes

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So just like their partners said on Wednesday except for Sylvia and Bolanle, the boys won’t want a swap, at least not now. Well, the partners of Bolanle and Sylvia, Arnold and Jerry seem to be a crossroads as well. Let’s watch and see how it all plays out.

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