Ultimate Love: Aunty’s One-On-One Sessions With The Gents Week Two

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Ultimate Love: Aunty’s One-On-One Sessions With The Gents Week Two, Thursday February 20, 2020.


First to hit up Aunty’s Lounge was Arnold. He opened up about what he was looking for when he first entered the Love Pad placing friendliness and connection high on his priority list.

He says this is why he made an instant connection with Bolanle. That said, they’ve since hit a stumbling block. Arnold feels Bolanle gets into a lot of fights with people because of her boisterous personality and sometimes doesn’t listen to him or even argues and speaks over him. She acts like a second Aunty and other love guests always come to complain about Bolanle doing this or that. All this considered however, Arnold was reluctant to swap because he feels she’s fronting and that the true Bolanle is a gentle soul.

Aunty gave him some brilliant advice after realizing that maybe Bolanle is sticking up for herself because she feels vulnerable and insecure. “Be a man. Talk to her about how she needs you to help her. In a long term relationship, you’re going to have challenges and you’re lucky you are seeing the negative side” Her parting words were even more touching, “Ask yourself, ‘For the sake of the other, what am I willing to compromise? That’s love!”


Iyke revealed a touching first memory: When he and Theresa first talked, she complemented his hair and offered to braid it and help him maintain it if he ever wanted someone to. That first “act of kindness” really resonated with him.

Theresa also fit the profile he was looking for perfectly as he likes slim girls with awesome voices. He’s also fond of darker skinned ladies with nice eyes and these are all physical attributes Theresa has. Despite this instant connection, Iyke told Aunty they are still discovering each other and he’s happy he found her. Unsurprisingly, he’s definitely NOT swapping inside the House or out because the love and fondness just keeps growing.

Before he left, Aunty jokingly asked if he’s afraid of Theresa’s mom and Iyke giggled nervously, before revealing that their love language is physical touch but they’re making sure to keep things in church.


Jay looked every bit a man love-struck, smiling and laughing heartily through most of his session as Aunty pressed him for insights on his new boo Nkechi. He revealed that he was quite stressed in week one especially when Kachi was making moves on Nkechi. He let out a literal sigh of relief and said “Thank God he left her” when he recounted the moment.

He also got vulnerable about how much it hurt him when Nkechi was chatting to other guys but he had to respect her wishes so she wouldn’t feel pressured. He’s now thrilled that they are bonding and getting closer because he was ready to checkout if it wasn’t her! So there’s no way he’s going swap.



David Wilson opened up about nearly losing everything after the mistake he made. Aunty quizzed him about the motive behind his actions, and he confessed that he was too afraid to be honest with Rosie about what he was feeling in the moment.

He takes ownership for his actions now and he’s excited to be with Presh Talker. Why? He’s not too fussed about tradition having grown up around many women and actually appreciates it when a woman is strong, “no-nonsense”, confident and assertive so she can take the lead sometimes. On the matter of Rosie, he concluded that he loves her still, but he’s happy with them being friends and is not confused about his intentions.


Kachi’s session with Aunty was full of profound revelations about just how deeply he cares for Rosie. He revealed that he knew he wanted her from the first speed date citing her beauty, intelligence, solid values, faith in God and charisma which he added can captivate an entire room!

He was resolute that he’s ready to settle down even if they had to leave the Love Pad today and he’s so excited to meet her son and be a part of his life. Perhaps most touching was how he was afraid to get hurt again because part of him feels Rosie disregarded his feelings the first time and he remains worried that she may bond with Jerry if she keeps spending quality time with him. That said, he was also man enough to acknowledge that sometime he can be jealous and insecure.

He is happy because he’s beginning to bond with Rosie again and he is actually seeing the Rosie he used to know. He is no willing to swap her for anyone else.


Aunty didn’t even bother asking whether Michael was happy with his choice, instead noting that Micherry were incredibly close and there must be good reason for that. Michael put it down to how thoughtful and selfless Cherry was noting how he watched her cook and care for everyone from the very first day.

His love language is “Acts of Service” so he loves having someone in the Love Pad who is always checking on him and showering him with thoughtful gestures. He did say he needed to work on his touchiness though as Cherry’s love language is Physical Touch and it sometimes makes her feel insecure when he gets handsy with other Love Guests.


Obi was beaming throughout Aunty’s session and there’s one woman to blame. He flat out admitted that he’s in love with Ebi and the tender moments they have shared daily are proof of this. Like other Love Guests he actually revealed that Ebi doesn’t really fit the mould of the lover he’d typically go for as he is often attracted to slim and tall ladies but he fell in love with her heart.

He loves how selfless and considerate she is. He even brought up how she had him in tears a few days ago because she listened to all his hopes and dreams and affirmed him in ways he hasn’t even been able to himself. That definitely sounds like a life partner and a keeper!



Louis and Jenny Koko’s love for one another has blossomed quickly but while he cares about her deeply he was also honest about the challenges they are facing as a couple. He expressed concern for her being a bit sensitive and temperamental given the very traumatic experiences that she’s been through.

That said, he was feeling optimistic given all the positive signs of growth he’s seen. More importantly, he’s ready to support her and step outside of his comfort zone to be more romantic and public in his declarations of affection for her.


Jerry spoke to Aunty about some of the challenges he’s had since entering the Love Pad. He tried to spread himself around in the beginning to better his chances of getting a match but it had the opposite effect of making people think he was a player.

As far as his match with Sylvia which has been the subject of much discourse, Jerry said he’d tried his best to bond but found that she was pushing for things to progress too quickly for his likes. Aunty said it appears he is bringing baggage from the outside world into her love pad but Jerry said no, stressing he didn’t know Sylvia before coming into the love pad. But do you honestly believe that?

He said he’s just not where she is physically and would be down to swap if Aunty gave him the option. Swap with whom you ask? He’s really feeling Rosie because he loves beautiful, curvy, voluptuous women and Sylvia doesn’t have to physical attributes. He went further by saying he believes he’s a better man for Rosie than who she’s with currently which CONFIRMS Kachi’s insecurities about him and Rosie spending time.

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