Ultimate Love: No One Can Love Me Like Kachi Does – Rosie

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The Roksie ship is apparently sailing faster than we ever thought. After the master class session today with Good Eresh, Rosie had a conversation with Bolanle and later with Theresa regarding her partner Kachi.

While trying to catch up on how well they have been handling issues with their partners, Bolanle asked Rosie if she would be willing to swap Kachi for say Arnold or any other love guest. “No, I am comfortable where I am. Nobody can love me the way Kachi does.”

They both agreed that their partners are willing to work and meet them at a compromising point.

Rosie equally had a similar conversation with Theresa a few minutes later and she stressed that she has noticed no other love guest can love her the way Kachi does.

It appears Rosie and Kachi are working to make their union work. In fact, while talking to Aunty yesterday, Kachi said Rosie is getting more comfortable with him and he is happy the old Rosie is back.

It is actually amazing to hear this coming from Rosie considering that she almost checkout of the Love Pad on Sunday. Well, thank goodness Kachi did not give up and held her back. We wish them the best and may their ship sail.

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