Ultimate Love Swaps: Who Swaps Who For Who?

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It’s finally time for the Ultimate Love swaps. More Love guest checked into the love pad yesterday February 21 and some love guests and viewers were extremely happy to welcome Meriton, Chiddy Bankz and Chris Ville.

With the coming of the new love guests, Aunty is giving all the love guests an opportunity to swap partners. The swaps will be done in the afternoon today. You don’t want to miss the ultimate love swaps.

The swaps will be the last and only swaps for the season. So the love guests have been asked to discuss about it smartly and make up their minds on who they really want to pair up with.

The process began this morning with speed dates between the old love guest and the new love guest.

Ultimate Love Swaps: Who Swaps Who

Who May Possibly Swap Who For Who?

It is quite obvious that the pairs of Iykeresa. Obiebe, Jaykachi, Roksie, PreshDavid, Micherry, Jelou and Bolar would not be willing to swap but things may not remain the same after today for the other love guests.

Obviously the pair of Jervia (Jerry and Sylvia) is more than willing to swap. In fact they have already talked about it and they have wished each other goodluck. Sylvia in particular was extremely elated to see the new love guests. Well, she said she had not been happy since last Sunday because she put in her best to make Jervia work but Jerry on the other hand did not reciprocate.

The Ultimate Love Swaps:

Sylvia immediately made a move on Chiddy when he came in. They have since then been talking about the pairing and swap. So Sylvia wants to swap Jerry for Chiddy. However, Chiddy is not very comfortable with that. According to him, Sylvia possibly wants him just because the Jervia ship did not sail. What if things had actually worked out between Jerry and Sylvia?

So Chiddy has been talking with Meriton in an effort to find out if she can give him a chance. Unfortunately, Meriton says she has already given Jerry her word. Well, let’s see how it all plays out. Things don’t look so good for Sylvia but there is a high probability that Chiddy will pair up with her, perhaps because he doesn’t have a better option.

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Jerry on the other hand has been talking with Meriton. He equally wants to swap Sylvia for Meriton. That may actually work because Meriton has given him her word.

So this leaves us with Chris and Chris Ville. The two have been discussing the possibility of becoming a couple. Uche, Chris’ formal partner did not give their pair ChrisUch a chance and rather opted to checkout. Now Chris Ville has come and we hope that Chris will pair up with him. We may just have a ChrisChris pair.

Ultimate Love airs on Dstv channel 198 and Gotv channel 29.

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