Ultimate Love Nominations Week 3

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Ultimate Love Nominations For Week 3

This is how our ultimate love guests nominated this Sunday February 24, 2019. Who nominated who?

PreshDavid nominated ObiEbe and Chivia

Jaykechi nominated Chivia and Jeriton

Jerryton nominated Micherry and Iykeresa

Bolar nominated PreshDavid and ObiEbe

Jelou nominated ObiEbe and Micherry

ObiEbe nominated PreshDavid and Double

Iykeresa nominated Chivia and Jeriton

Roksie nominated PreshDavid and Jeriton

Double Chris nominated Chivia and Iykeresa

Ultimate Love Nominations Week 3

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Total Nominations

Chivia 5

Jeriton 5

PreshDavid 4

ObiEbe 3

Micherry 2

Iykeresa 2

Double Chris 1

Chivia, Jeriton, PreshDavid, Obiebe, Micherry and Iykeresa were revealed as the final nominated couples. However, Chivia and Jeriton will partake in the Monday mission and one of them will be saved from the Ultimate Love nominations this week.

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