Chivia Session With Aunty Week 3 – Ultimate Love

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Chiddy and Sylvia – Chivia Session With Aunty Week 3.

Aunty asks Sylvia if she knows what he does and she affirmed he has a boutique.
She tells Aunty of her genotype. He believes her.

Aunty said she didn’t save them because she felt they were strong enough to save themselves. Aunty talks about how Sylvia fought strongly to remain in the house. She appreciates the efforts they put into the Monday mission task but didn’t see the tender moments between them that day.

Chiddy said when he saw her at the auditions, he told her weather they get picked or not, he was coming for her. They exchanged contacts and he tried severally to reach Sylvia but she didn’t contact or keep in touch so he was not quite happy.

Sylvia said she was trying to take her time. That she saw herself coming to the show so didn’t want to get committed then.

They both have known a lot about their families. Chiddy said it looks like Sylvia is not yet ready to settle down but he is making her realise she has to.

Sylvia said she was shocked when they were put up for eviction. They told Aunty that they were disappointed after all their efforts they put into the task , they were not picked.

Love language
Chiddy is physical touch and accepting gifts
Sylvia’s is physical touch.

Chiddy is not picky about food. Sylvia is not really all about food – just small small food. They both know how to cook and will cook for each other.

They are getting to know each other , likes and dislikes. But not to the point of planning a relationship. He has observed that she is a peace loving person, not a gossips, and minds her business.

They have talked about the evictions.

If they are not saved, they will continue their relationship. They are making plans to meet her people as they want to be the first couple to give Aunty her first grand child.

Sylvia said she likes him and hopes that her dad likes and accepts him

Aunty appreciates them and ends the session

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