Rosie And Kachi’s Session With Aunty Week 3 – Ultimate Love

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Roksie Rosie And Kachi’s Session With Aunty Week 3.
Kachi tells Rosie not to walk in without him.
Kachi grabs Rosie’s hand as they walk into Aunty’s lounge.

Aunty asks them what they have been discussing about.

Aunty asked them to swap so she sits on his left side.

Kachi looks forward to seeing her father. Rosie doesn’t have a very cordial relationship with her dad. Kachi says he is trying to know more about her past but she is yet to open up.

Rosie feels once they are comfortable with each other, that conversation will come up.

Aunty asks if the love pad is comfortable enough for them to discuss on whatever they want to. Rosie says when they are together they discuss but sometimes they have distractions.
Aunty asks if Rosie acts like the mummy of the house and Kachi says “yes O, she is the mummy of the house” (he agrees very strongly) . She likes to take care of the kitchen and keeps the house clean.
Kachi said he has always wanted to be very close to her. That Rosie’s issue with David is affecting their relationship.

Aunty asks Kachi if he feels he is second best. Kachi says no, Rosie just couldn’t see what was best for her. Rosie says she doesn’t feel Kachi is second best.

Aunty says Rosie has always liked him. Kachi says he has stepped up his game after their discussions. Rosie agrees and says it feels God directed her path back to him.
Her comfort is the peace Kachi gives her. He is very patient with her.

Kachi says his comfort is that she is understanding. He knew she was going through a healing process so he understood that she needed space and followed her slowly.

Aunty asks if they are good for each other.
Kachi sayd she has identified certain things she likes about him and he doesn’t like that she doesn’t give him enough time.
Rosie says she plays a role of Mummy to people. She has 4 brothers and takes care of them.

Aunty tells them to get to know more about each other.

They talk about his cousin’s issue with his fiancee over living with his family.

The differences in their background

Rosie says Kachi’s upbringing is good. She said she already likes his mum from what he has told her. He is looking forward to meeting with her father based on the way she speaks highly of her father’s intelligence.
Rosie says her mum is sweet but the challenge will be convincing her dad.

Aunty asks them if they are not worried about the age factor. Kachi is 33 and Rosie is 36.

Kachi says he doesn’t mind the age thing at all.

On nominations, Aunty says they should nominate whoever they want to nominate because they will be nominated as well. She tells Rosie to stop being mummy in the house because people don’t like the idea of Mummy. She should allow others to be Mummy in the house as well.
Aunty wishes them all the best.

Aunty asks if there is any other thing they want to tell her. Rosie jokingly says sometimes Kachi doesn’t take her seriously.
Rosie adds that in the house some people act as children but when you reprimand them, they start gossiping about you.

Aunty asks about who they nominated and Kachi says it wasn’t about bitterness. Rosie says she was worried because she had made peace with them and nominating them will be like personal vendetta. But after Kachi did she accepted it was ok. Rosie says she spoke to David about it but didn’t speak to Presh because she didn’t want to have any confrontation with her.

Aunty advises that before they take decisions, they should talk about it first. Rosie says from next week, she will be part of the nomination process.

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