Iykeresa’s Session With Aunty Week 3 – Ultimate Love

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Iykeresa’s Session with Aunty Week 3.

Iyke says its been an amazing walk with Theresa.
One of the reasons why Iyke fell in love with her is because of the way she speaks. He calls her babes, baby.

Iyke said they have more privacy now, they pray more. They are very happy.

Lessons learned…..
They are the longest couple in the house and feels like they have known each other for a long time especially because a day in the house feels like several weeks.

Theresa said he is very patient. He loves her. She pissed him off because she told the housemates of her past (abuse) she had experienced without telling him first. He called her after she had stopped talking. He hugged her and told her they had to have the conversation later and when she went to meet him later, he requested for space but she stayed back to apologise.

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Aunty tells Iyke that Theresa had stopped trusting guys due to her past experiences .

Iyke said he never really got that fact from her attitude.

Theresa said her earlier thoughts about Iyke has changed and now 100% sure about him.
She mentioned the conversation she had with Sylvia who had a connection with Iyke.

They always talk about everything and life after the house. Iyke said if they win eventually, she will be in Lagos for sometime hopefully and Theresa said when they win she will relocate from Abuja to Lagos.

They both agreed that when they win, they will get married and stay in Lagos.

They both know their favourite foods, schools attended, Iyke’s mother’s name and few details.

Iyke said they used to use the couch but now they are using the same bed. They both love physical touch. Theresa likes his physical appearance. The way she flatters her eyes trips him. He said she looks finer on the pillow.

They talk about the other Love guests and nominations. They got each other’s back. They told Aunty about the conspiracy to nominate them. Theresa tells Aunty about the issue she had with Chris. She said Chris was rude to her and all. The issue was all about them always together.

Theresa told Aunty that they wanted to stop the PDA (public display of affection) but Aunty told them to be themselves that voting is in the hands of the viewers.

Iyke said he doesn’t want her to talk about her past relationships. That was why he got angry. Aunty told her to apologise to him which she did and this ended their session.

Aunty told them to go and continue with their PDA.

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