Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions Week 3

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Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions Week 3. Which couple may go home on Sunday and why?

Welcome to our Ultimate Love eviction predictions for week three. This week, five couples are up for possible eviction or elimination on Sunday. These couples are Chivia, PreshDavid, Obiebe, Iykeresa and Micherry. At least one of the nominated couples will bid goodbye to the love pad this sunday.

So who is this couple? Here is our prediction and remember, this is ONLY a prediction and nothing else. Our prediction is base on popular opinion and social media trends. That said, let’s do this…

Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions: Who May Survive Eviction (Checkout) this week?


Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions Week 3

Iykeresa (Iyke and Theresa) are apparently one of the strongest couples we have in the love pad. They have also been together for virtually as long as the show has been on air. What they share seems very genuine and we think they are actually giving the viewers enough reasons to keep them in the love pad. So that couple is definitely not leaving on Sunday because their fans are not ready to let them go just yet.

Chivia (Chiddy Banks and Sylvia)

Despite the fact that this couple is one of the newest couples and they have only been together in the love pad for barely a week, they have shown us a lot of resilience, fighting spirit, determination and of course, a strong connection which may just keep them in the house for a longer period. They have also got the looks. Come on! Who wouldn’t love Chivia?

Presh David

Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions this week

Presh Talker and David Wilson… That sounds like a Power couple. These are two individuals with a lot of similarities. Yes! they literally share almost everything in common. Beyond that, the connection that exists between them is just so amazing. They are fun and apparently, they are very happy being with each other. They are actually giving the viewers several reasons not to vote them out yet.

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Who May Not Survive Eviction (Checkout) This Week?

This leaves us with Obiebe and Micherry.

Don’t get me wrong. These two couples are amazing. The bond Michael shares with Cherry is so strong and it’s the same with Obichukwu and Ebiteinye. They have always been there for their partners even at their lowest moments. However, we all know that the viewers have the final say in this. Obiebe and Micherry are apparently not as strong as the other nominated couples (in terms of the fan base).

So it could just be Obiebe or Micherry. Even if it ends here for any of them, that doesn’t mean it is the end of their relationship, it is just a step to something bigger if they are willing to take that step.

Remember, THIS IS JUST A PREDICTION, the viewers have the final say.

Ultimate Love Eviction Predictions

Who do you think is staying and who do you think is leaving on Sunday? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Thanks for reading…

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