Ultimate Love Latest Twist – Portmanteaus (Suitcases)

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Ultimate Love Latest Twist – Portmanteaus (Suitcases). Aunty has given the Love Guests a mystery prize with a sweet twist to spice things up in the Love Pad!

Thought Aunty was done with spicing twists in the show? Well, you should definitely think again! This Friday she threw in yet another curveball to catch our Love Guests off-guard and keep them on their toes! You must have seen 11 new traveling bags (portmanteaus) in the lounge.

According to Nigerian tradition, it is commonplace for a bride to be gifted a portmanteau filled with various gifts on her wedding day. So to add a little spice to the Love Pad, Aunty provided the Love Guests with 11 portmanteaus for each couple to take home when checking out of the Love Pad.

The items contained in the portmanteau may be shared by the couple. The portmanteaus were filled with various gift items including cash prizes and the value of cash in each portmanteau differs from the rest with some having as much as three times the value of others! Wow! some couples will be lucky.

However, the twist is couples are not permitted to open or even peek inside their portmanteaus. After randomly selecting their portmanteaus, the Love Couples will only discover the value and contents once they are out of the love pad, that is to say when they have checked out.

More interestingly, going forward, every week on Wednesdays the Ultimate Love Couples will play a couples’ game that will have two winners. Both winners will have to swap their portmanteaus by changing the name tags on them.

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