How Micherry Played The Portmanteau Game -Ultimate Love

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Micherry was evicted from the Ultimate Love Pad this Sunday. They left with a portmanteau with them.

According to Nigerian tradition, it is commonplace for a bride to be gifted a portmanteau filled with various gifts on her wedding day. So to add a little spice to the Love Pad, Aunty provided the Love Guests with 11 portmanteaus for each couple to take home when checking out of the Love Pad.

However, Micherry was offered two more portmanteaus and given the opportunity to either swap their original with one of the two whose value and content could be higher or lesser than the value and content of their original portmanteau.

They decided to go with their original portmanteau and when it was opened, there was 350, 000 naira and other valuables in it. Congrats to them.

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