Ultimate Love Nominations Week 4

Most Handsome Ultimate lOVE GUEST
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This is how the love guests nominated this week.

PreshDavid nominated Roksie and Bolar

Jeriton nominated Jaykech and Roksie

Bolar nominated Obiebe and Chivia

Iykeresa nominated Double Chris and Jeriton

Obiebe nominated Jelo and Bolar

Roksie nominated Jeriton and Chivia

Jaykech nominated Jeriton and Jelo

Double Chris nominated Jeriton and Obiebe

Jelo nominated Obiebe and Roksie

Chivia nominated Jaykech and Double Chris

Total Nominations

Jeriton 4

Roksie 3

Obiebe 3

Bolar 2

Jaykech 2

Chivia 2

Double Chris 2

Jelo 2

PreshDavid 0

Iykeresa 0

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Love Nominations Week 4

  1. This your Monday task, I don’t really understand the indices you are using to determine who among the nominated couples will go on the Monday morning task. I need an explanation

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