Bolar’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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Bolar’s session with Aunty this week
The session starts with a one on one with Arnold alone.

New discoveries
Arnold says they are trying to understand themselves now. They are both working to get things better. He doesn’t complain much. She doesn’t attend to kitchen activities like before. She has really adjusted.

She has been talking about starting her company fully. Wants to go into cleaning. They both want to work together outside the house.
Arnold said he has worked on himself that is he doesn’t want to complain much about her actions and attitudes. There are certain things that are part of her.

He just ignores but there is improvement as she is self conscious when she does the things he doesn’t like. He wants her to know that the voices of others should be heard.

He said she is a wonderful person, a go getter, an ambitious woman and he likes that. He said he was too quick to identify her lapses but has given her time. He needs more time to know if she is really the one for the future but in the house she is the best partner for him. He needs more time to ascertain if it will go further.

Bolanle’s session with Aunty
She said he is very patient with her. When she wants to snap and sees him, she calms down. He has spring up surprises at her. Surprise gifts and all.
He wrote her a note , calling her Temi. He wants her to trust him and all. This is something different from her. He has succeeded in breaking her down. She said he gave her the assurance that if they are together, he will not change as this is who he is. He gifted her some body scrub and beauty soaps.
She enjoyed and appreciated the breakfast in bed and it was his idea. She said he listens and pays attention to details.
She is trying to stay away from other people’s businesses now. She is now at peace. No longer involved in kitchen activities that much.

She said they still have communication issues. Arnold is worried about the future. Spiritually, she likes his relationship with God. Career wise, they are working on something. They have businesses they want to do. Production company and cleaning business.

Arnold comes in…

Bolanle said she is missing home, her dad. Yesterday was her mum’s birthday.
Arnold made the housemates give a shout out assisted by Louis.

He gave the gift to the person he wanted even though their relationship was a bit difficult at the beginning.
He likes his landlady because of her funny character. She sees him as her son. He lives alone and has a dog.

He is hopeful to see the positive end of Bolar. He asks Bolanle how she feels and sees a future with him. Bolanle said she is hopeful and ready to walk with him. She said she will be in Lagos for a while and hopefully relocate.

Arnold is happy that she now has his time and keeps away from the kitchen now. He is happy that they are missing her in the kitchen.
The only thing is the side talks in the house. Everyone is now plotting.
He told her not to explain to anyone after nominations.

Aunty talks about bringing in ex partners.

Arnold said they have talked about it and in the case of an ex coming back, Bolanle said she might not go back because the feelings might not be real again so she has to stick with him.
Arnold said her flat mate is a guy and it worries him. She has a lot of male friends.

Arnold said Bolanle shouldn’t be scared because the ex is in the past. Bolanle said she doesn’t want crushes and all to come o. She knows he is handsome and likeable but there should be boundaries.

Arnold challenges Aunty to bring in all his exes so they can see his Bolanle now. He is not scared. He wont stop her from having male friends but not male best friend. Things have to change. Arnold said not even female best friend as he would be her best friend.

Aunty encouraged them to be with each other and be open to each other.

He misses his mum and his dog.

Aunty thanks and appreciates them.

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