Chivia’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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Chivia session with Aunty Week 4.

Aunty says both Sylvia and Chiddy love fashion . Chiddy says he likes it. He wants her to look good as he likes Compliments.

Sylvia misses home, her parents. She said they are campaigning for her. Her mum would be watching her by now.

Aunty asked what their reaction would be if he brings their exes to the love pad.
Chiddy says if Aunty brings in her ex boyfriend, he will be indifferent as they already have that conversation and she has given him the assurance.

For Sylvia, she will make his ex feel at home as she knows she has taken over now.
She is ready to see her ex.

Relationship in the love pad….
She doesn’t like the fact that people come to explain why they put her up after nominations.

Chiddy said he is getting to know people. He allowed her to make the nominations decision. Chiddy is confident that they will survive and will split the nominations next week.

Split in the house…
Chiddy said he would like to keep a future friendship with Louis. He is building trust with him. Sylvia concurred

He is having a string relationship with Arnold because of what he did. He said Arnold nominated them and came to tell him that he nominated them and said its because he knows they will understand why he nominated them.

Sylvia feels the other housemates think she is a threat. Chiddy said other love guests feel Sylvia can take away their guys from them so they feel she is a threat.
Sylvia says people think she is not serious with Chiddy but she is serious with him. She wants the housemates to see this.

Aunty asked about discoveries.
Sylvia said when Chiddy came, he thought she is with him bc she had no option but now he has discovered that she is serious with the relationship.
She has discovered his intentions are pure with her. He talks about his future with her, kids. They are both serious with the relationship now.
Chiddy said at first, he withdrew from her because he felt she wanted him due to the rejection she faced in the hands of Jerry but now he is sure of her. He wants the commitment from her to know it’s not a game for her.

Their relationship has improved in communication. They talk better now. He was sceptical about her before. They had a discussion and she has removed some walls for him to know her. …

Sylvia said she just felt Chiddy asks too many questions. Chiddy wants to know if he fits in to be her man. Chiddy wants her to trust him, open up to him, ask him questions. He wants her to ask him serious and personal questions, questions about the future.

Sylvia said she will walk the future with him. Aunty asked her if she will have a future with him.

Sylvia believes Chiddy and herself will be bigger , more wealthy and grow bigger in life than their present situation.
She said they will work things together. Sylvia says it’s Chivia for Life. She doesn’t know why Chiddy is scared.

Chiddy now thinks he chose the right partner . His intentions have not changed although he felt slighted after she ignored him during the auditions and after. He wants Sylvia to be honest with her intentions.

Aunty jokingly says she doesn’t trust any of them but they should work on the strain relationship, work on the trust issues and build a formidable relationship while bearing in mind, the outside world is still there.

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