DoubleChris’ Session With Aunty Week 4

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DoubleChris’ session with Aunty
Aunty welcomes both of them to her beautiful lounge

Apparently Chris is teaching Chrisville igbo language.

Their relationship with others in the house…..
Chrisville said it’s not been easy living with different people from different backgrounds.
They said if they end up together, they will get kids

Chris misses home and especially her mum. Her sisters nieces and nephews, etc.
Chrisville said everyone sees Chris as a mother figure. He said she does it unconsciously.

Chris is not always home. He lives alone . He is trying to move to Abuja to live with his brother. They both want to have girl children first.

Chrisville uses both hands. They have a lot of things in common. She is Christine and he is Christopher.

She came with her toy and he recognized it because he used a similar toy as a kid.

They both are sure they chose the right partner. They trust each other on a scale of 9 on 10. Chrisville said she is very principled and he likes it. She doesn’t want him to join in arguments that are way out of line.

Their relationship with others is good. No problem with others although there are people that seem to have problems with him. He said he had an issue with Chiddy but they have settled it.

Chrisville is being excused

Chris said she wasn’t comfortable with him being in arguments with people so she told him she doesn’t like it. She said he has ego but not nasty. She wants them to spend more time together than having more time for others. She said others are focused on her and Chrisville’s relationship. She doesn’t like public display of affection as well as Chrisville. They both have now agreed to hold each other and reciprocate. They dont always Compliment each other but it’s ok. She wants someone that is present even when away. She want to raise her kids until they get to a cognitive stage before she starts her business. She said he is a nice and cute guy. She really likes him.

Chrisville’s session with Aunty

New discoveries…..
He told her Chris is a little sensitive. They have not been acting like other couples before now but they are improving. They have been off relationships for a long time and at such decided to take it gradually.

He likes her a lot and she is like his mum. He said because she is very careful, she is kinda slow but wants her to step up a bit while he will slow down a bit so they meet half way.
They are trying to understand each other.

Chrisville said she is no longer uptight like before. Her birthday is on friday.

Aunty promised to give him a cake with his write up. Aunty asked him to send her a private message of the things he wants to give Chris (a beautiful birthday surprise) .

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