Iykeresa’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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Iykeresa session with Aunty this week.

They both are wearing matching black color outfits.

Iyke said Theresa has started wearing his clothes. They are really showing beautiful moments of affection

Theresa misses her family especially her mum. She is not missing any guy o!

Iyke is missing the hustle and bustle in Lagos. Not missing any special female but missing his family and siblings.

Aunty asked what their reaction would be if she brings their exes into the love pad.

Theresa will be surprised to see her ex in the party but will be normal.

Iyke said he doesn’t know if he has broken any lady’s heart. Iyke said women drop signals and let the man take it from there. He said he knew some girls need validation from the guy. Iyke said some relationships are implicit. Iyke is speaking plenty grammar . He challenged Aunty to bring in the ex.

They both said they need the winning prize. Aunty offered to take away the money and leave them together but they want all.
They are ready to get married.

They are cosy with the others.
PreshDavid are like neighbours to Iyke and
Nk is like his elder sister

Any strains with other love guests.

Theresa said she loved Bolanle but sometimes she annoys her with some things she says.
Iyke said she is Alpha female

Iyke’s One on One session with Aunty
Aunty asks about new discoveries
He said he found out about her age. She is younger than him and that’s an amazing discovery as it takes away explaining to people why he is with an older lady.

He said she is a chatter box that talks a lot about herself to people and he really doesn’t like it. He loves things kept under wrap. He is now telling her to be careful of letting people know about her. She is now mindful of things she let’s out. Some informations have to be exclusive just to him alone and not to any other Love guests. He has told her not to expose some particular things that he has cautioned her about. Like her ex relationships. He wont be worried if her ex comes in because she is now his. He feels the past is in the past. Talking about past relationships pisses him off.
Iyke affirmed he chose the right partner. Not ready to swap. He is sure and certain of the now with Theresa.

Theresa One on One session with Aunty
She tells Aunty that she has discovered that he is a disciplinarian.

She explains that Louis called her to talk to her. She told Iyke and left but stayed for more than 5 minutes and this got Iyke very angry. She said Louis noticed it and told her to take it easy as Iyke was mad.

She said Iyke scolds her a lot and sometimes in front of people. He is very outspoken. She is trying to navigate this. She has told him not to scold her in front of people. She is working on her passive aggressiveness. When she is angry, she just ignores him.

They both agreed not to harbour grudges. He doesn’t want her to share her life experiences with others. She is willing to work on that so it doesn’t be a problem in their relationship.
She doesn’t really like it but love using her experiences to teach others. She doesn’t like him talking about his past experiences as well.

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