Jelo’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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Louis and Jenny session with Aunty

Aunty starts with Jenny….
Jenny explains how Louis is unwell
He tasted mayonnaise and fish.

She has not been fully able to break through.
She feels their relationship has improved. She listens more to hom now. They quarrel a lot but they settle after few minutes.
They had an argument about ladies and sense of entitlement of getting something back in return. Louis was championing the discussion and she was very angry and said what sort of myopic way of reasoning was that.
Louis came back later in the night and they spoke about it.
She didn’t apologise and stood her grounds.

Aunty said there is fundamental differences in thinking in both male and female.
Jenny said they need to work on her being submissive enough and Louis promised to listen more. She said she likes her man to be confident and take decisions on his own.
She will try to totally let him in and work on her stubbornness.

Louis comes in…..
Louis said he missed home yesterday. He misses his mum. He knows his mum is watching.
Jenny misses her dad and her friends.

Aunty asks them who they would like to see visit them in the house.

Louis would like to see Jenny’s female best friend Valentina. Jenny also has a male friend called Akin who is in Ibadan.
Jenny now trust Louis 60%.

Aunty asks Louis if he thinks he chose the best partner

He said yes and now he is sure.

Jenny said she connected with someone else as well but now after building some level of conversations with both of them, she found out that Louis is intentional and not all over the place. He told her the reasons why he was sceptical at first to connect with her initially because of her facial expressions.

Jenny said people told her she was uptight but now she is loosening up.

Louis said the first lady who is Theresa he spoke to first was actually connected with him from the auditions. Jenny felt like a second option earlier but now things have changed because Theresa told her.
Jenny was interested in Arnold. Louis just found out recently.

Louis said they both are trying to understand each other better.

Louis explains that some reasons why ladies get into trouble is because they don’t speak out. It’s best to establish the communication.

Their relationship with the other housemates is very cordial. Everyone loves Louis but not all loves Jenny

Aunty sends Jenny out for a brief session with Louis alone.

Aunty asks of his new discoveries about Jenny

It’s a new experience for him
Taking it further, trust is very vital. Jenny needs to trust him more. Now she is getting to understand him.
Jenny loves things her way. He is trying to manage them both. He wants her to work on her temper and anger. Aunty encourages them to communicate more and listen to each other. He wants Jenny not to be addressing him publicly but call him out privately.

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