Ultimate Love Week 4 Eviction Predictions

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Welcome to our Ultimate Love Week 4 Eviction Predictions. Last week we predicted that either Micherry or ObiEbi would be evicted. Our prediction was right because Micherry was evicted and based on the vote ranking, ObiEbi would have been evicted if two couples were to be evicted.

For this week, we are assuming that one or two couples will be evicted.

Who May Survive Eviction?

Roksie (Rose and Kachi)

Ultimate Love Week 4 Eviction Predictions

Apparently, this pair are one of the strongest couples we have in the love pad and they are obviously not going anyway, at least not any time soon. This is actually their first time on the nomination list and trust me, they have several fans out there who are voting to keep them in that love pad.

Chivia (Chiddy Banks and Sylvia)

They were on the nomination list last week and they are there again this week. They were saved by their fans and those fans will certaintly not disappoint this week. Chivia is definitely not leaving the love pad this week.

Bolar (Bolanle and Arnold)

This is their first time on the nomination list. From social media trends, it appears this couple has quite a significant fan base. It is therefore evident that that fan base will stand up for them this week through their votes. They may not be leaving the love pad just yet.

ObiEbi (Obichukwu and Ebitienye)

Ultimate Love Week 4 Eviction

Last week, they were there and thankfully, they narrowly survived it. This week, Aunty sent them and the pair of Jaykech to the Monday Mission but unfortunately, Aunty didn’t save them after that. However, there is certainly some hope for them because their fans are out there and they are not willing to let ObiEbi go.

Double Chris (Chris and Chris Ville)

Ultimate Love Week 4

A lot of fans love Chris because she is very intelligent, calm and focus. The coming of Chris Ville seems to have only made things better her. We believe that Double also has a lot of fans who will keep them in the love pad this week.

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Who May Be Evicted This Week?

It’s looking like Jeriton (Jerry and Meriton) may leave the love pad this week.

We strongly think so because it appears they don’t have a strong fan base to keep them in the house. This game is a game of numbers and we don’t think the number of fans Jeriton have will be enough to save them. As compared to other couples on the nomination list, they are not quite strong.

If two couples are leaving the love pad, then Jelo (Jenny Koko and Louis) may leave as well.

Why? Basically, same explanation as to why we think Jeriton may leave.

Remember, this is just a prediction. Vote for your favorite couple to keep them in the love pad.

Who do you think is leaving on Sunday? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

The shows airs on DStv channel 198 and Gotv channel 29.

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