Why Aunty Saved Jaykech And Not Obiebi After The Monday Mission – Ultimate Love

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You must have been wondering why Aunty Saved Jaykech And Not Obiebi After The Monday Mission this week. Well, we got you covered.

This week, eight couples were nominated for possible eviction on Sunday. They were Roksie, Chivia, Obiebi, Jaykech, Double Chris, Jeriton, Jelo and Bolar.

As it is a tradition in the love pad, Aunty can save one couple from the nomination list. In order to do that, she sends two couples every week on a Monday mission and then save one of them based on their performance on the mission.

 Aunty Saved Jaykech And Not Obiebi After The Monday Mission -

Aunty decided to send Obiebi and Jaykech on the Monday mission this week. The mission took them to a home for the visually impaired somewhere in Lagos. They cleaned, cooked, tutored and prayed with the residents of the residents of the home.

Many viewers had thought that Aunty would save Obiebi since they were up for eviction last week and Jaykech on the other hand has never been up for possible eviction. But that did not happen. Instead, Aunty saved Jaykech.

Why Aunty Saved Jaykech And Not Obiebi

According to Aunty, Ebi broke down a couple of times during the mission and Obi wouldn’t let the girl be herself. Obi has been over protective of her and he won’t let her do what she wants.

Apparently, Aunty is not the only one who has observed this, other love guests have as well. Rosie for example had a conversation with Kachi a few days back. Remember, Rosie and Ebi used to be best friends in the house. Rosie said Obi has been a control freak and he wouldn’t even let Ebi be with her friends.

Aunty added that Obiebi fans saved them last week and if they still want them in the love pad, then they will save them again. So it is all left to you to keep Obiebi in the Ultimate love pad.

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So that is why Aunty saved Jaykech and not Obiebi. But what do you think of Aunty’s decision to save Jaykech instead of Obiebi? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Why Aunty Saved Jaykech And Not Obiebi After The Monday Mission – Ultimate Love

  1. I think Auntie was too has on Obiebi,we all have emotions. Ebi’s emotions showed us how Obi used his skill to console his partner and then forger ahead with their task. Above all Obiebi was nominated last week auntie should hv given them a relief. Auntie double error,last week and this week.

  2. Anty that was good. Obi should let Ebi be her self.
    See how Jay discusses with Nk and let her go be with her girls until its time to be together.

    If you don’t give yourselves space, you will get tired of each other. The relationship will be chocking.
    Thank you Anty 👍💕

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