Eliel Otote (Mr. Deputy Of The Johnsons) Visits The Ultimate Love Pad

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Guess Who visited Aunty’s Love Pad today. It’s Eliel Otote AKA Mr. Deputy of the Johnsons.

Ahead of their presentation this coming weekend, Aunty sent cultural expert Eliel Otote to guide the Love Guests on the traditions of Benin.

He discussed with the love guests on how their coronation presentation should go. He gave them some history about some places in Benin and their Obas (Kings) as well. This will definitely help the love guests in their presentation.

He thought them some songs used during the coronation of an Oba and also showed them some dance steps as well.

The love guests also asked some questions and they must have learnt a lot as well. Mr. Otote actually took them through the entire process of the coronation of an Oba.

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