Jaykech’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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Jaykech session with Aunty this week.

Nk said her dad will miss her more.
Jay wants Aunty to bring his crush, Damilola Adegbite.

Jay lives alone. Jay works offshore. His life outside is different from the life in the love pad. He loves chilling. He wants to go back to his former life where he can still go to the market and do all he used to do. Nk feels same too. She is worried about her new status after the show. It may be difficult for her to go to the market freely as she used to.
Jay doesn’t have any strain with anyone. He talked about Sylvia acting somehow after the nominations. Jay believes in loyalty first. He needs to strategise so as to stay in the house.

Nk is still worried that the nominations are open. She is also worried about them being nominated by Jelo next week.

Aunty talked about the love guests always talking about nominations.

Jay said he would love to go out with NK outside the love pad and spend a day or two before coming back to the pad.

Aunty asked Nk if she will want her ex to visit but Jay refused.

Jay feels the bigger challenge and real test is when they go out to the real world.

Jay says its NK’s decision to stick with him after the show irrespective of the new crushes and all.

Nk said she will fight for him if he is serious when they get out of the love pad.

Nk’s session with Aunty
Nk said they have been chatting and discussing. She mentioned instances of the way he reacts when she is with Chris.
Nk said Jay called Chris Edge and Rosie 5 G. He classifies himself as edge (small) and this worries her although they have not spoken about it. She would love a 3G or 4G.
Jay wants her to come around more. She is sure that she chose the right partner in the house. She is in the house with faith that she will find love in the pad.

Jay’s session with Aunty
Jay said the 1st week he thought she was confused but now she is opening up, more attentive. There is a connection to them now. He said she is kind of romantic. They strategise now. After the breakfast in bed, Nk came to stay in his bed.
He feels he wouldn’t know much about her in the love pad until they go out. He said NK feels he is very competitive and wants him to slow down.

Jay wants his friend Maycartny from Abuja to visit him but Aunty rejected it

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