ObiEbi’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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ObiEbi’s session with Aunty this week.

Ebi is fasting as its her routine to fast and pray every Thursday and not just in the house.
Ebi will have to watch football now because of Obi. Obi is a fan of Manchester United.

Ebi misses her friends, mum and her pastor who calls to pray for her daily.

Aunty talked about Ebi’s sensitivity and that Obi was trying hard to please her.

Obi misses his mum. She lives in Port Harcourt and he lives in Abuja.

Ebi wants her man to be close to her mum. Same as Obi.

Ebi has only one ex. She wants her man to correct her with love. Once you are harsh to her, she will run away.

Obi is focusing on her strength and not her weaknesses. She is strategic and a goal getter.

While Obi was not disappointed with Aunty’s decision of not saving them, Ebi was a little disappointed .

Relationship in the house
They are close to Jay and happy he won the Monday. Obi was the one that reconciled Ebi and Rosie. Obi is the chief adviser to Ebi, Meriton and Rosie. Ebi is comfortable with Obi taking care of others but he should have her time more.

Ebi wants Aunty to bring in her Cherry or her mum while Obi wants anyone but especially his younger brother.

Obi is worried about people chasing Ebi. Ebi is loyal and intentional. If Obi doesn’t want her, she will let him go but she is his project.

Ebi’s session with Aunty
Ebi says he makes her happy and brings out the best in her. She will not swap for anyone.

She noticed he reacts to things out of anger. They now understand each other. They try to resolve their issues. He is strong headed and opinionated but he is trying to change.
She wants him to improve more and be more liberal.
They have talked about everything.

Ebi requested for candles to decorate the room to the dinning for his birthday on Sunday. Aunty said she will see to that.

She said she loves music. She dances a lot. She is private but Obi doesn’t want her to dance. She is trying to control her sensitive and emotional part.
She said Obi cried too that day. Aunty adviced her to control her emotions.

Ebi said she wants both of them to build on their trust for each other. She loves his principled nature as she is also principled. They both are work in progress. She said with Obi, she will be better. She has given him hints on how to handle her.

Obi’s session with Aunty
Obi said he has discovered her spiritual depth. He sees new things about her to make him love her even more.

They understand each other more. He now knows he has to use the right words, gestures to tackle her. He is very sure Ebi is the right choice.

Obi is worried about the outside world but they have talked about that. His next step is to take Ebi to his mum, his mum prays about it and he takes it from there.

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