PreshDavid’s Session With Aunty Week 4

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PreshDavid session with Aunty this week.

Aunty starts with Presh
Presh said she has discovered they are different in a lot of things for example he likes to take charge and take care of people. She likes her space and takes care of herself so they tend to clash.
Nk said he is very neat, put together. He brushes his teeth 3 times a day and wears perfumes.

She is now comfortable around him. He has foresight. He makes it easier for them to communicate better.

She said they both need to work on their patience. She explained their afternoon issue.
She is very comfortable with her partner. She doesn’t want to change, she likes the journey.

David’s session with Aunty
David said he has discovered that she is godly. They pray every night. He is a very spiritual person and no one can pretend around him. He has the spirit of discernment.
He said she is not patient, she doesn’t eat much. He is making adjustments to accommodate Presh. He also explained the issue they had earlier. They have resolved it. This was their 1st quarrel but it was refreshing. He enjoyed the issue they had.
They have improved emotionally. They tend to know each other better. She listens to him now. They understand and communicate better. She now looks out for him now. The bond of friendship is getting better. He needs them to be patient with each other knowing they are from different backgrounds. She is more pampered than him so he will be patient with her.

PreshDavid joint session with Aunty
David misses home a little. He misses events, his sister is expecting a baby and wants to know if she has put to bed he miss going to church.
David said Presh is not fake.

Presh said she misses work, her mum, her male friends. She enjoys being together with him. She is happy they are in the space together.

David said he wants them to eat together. They settled the issue after she took her bath.

Aunty told them to take what people say. Give them the benefit of that. Communication is key. What we think and how we process information is vital.

David doesn’t want to invite any of exes. He is cool with his exes. He doesn’t do breakups. The ladies do. He quarrels a lot like a woman.

Presh has only dated two people officially and mini relationships. She used to date older guys but now she wants to date younger.
She is 27 and he is 34.
Presh doesn’t want any of her exes to come. Presh has a crush on Don Jazzy and he wouldn’t mind Aunty bringing him.

They are very sure of each other.

Aunty said she was disappointed at Presh’s attitude yesterday. Presh apologized.

Strained relationships
David talked about the nominations and how people are upset.
He said Bolar and Roksie are upset for nominating them . Presh said they are acting awkward towards them.

They dont want to swap for anyone. They are enjoying the love nest. They weren’t scared of the issue they had.

Aunty told them she prays they are telling each other the truth.

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