Roksie Session With Aunty Week 4

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Aunty starts the session with Rosie.
Rosie said she doesn’t want to swap. They are already talking about serious things particularly the future.

She said Kachi has a passion for politics and wants to go into politics. He feels confident about it because while in school , he was the socials director.
She is glad he has an open heart to learn.
She has discovered that when he is angry, she can tell from his looks. She can dictate when he is upset. He stays quiet when he is angry.

They have been having a lot of disagreements this past week but Kachi feels she is too serious.
He listens more. She is turning down the mother instinct. She loves looking out for people
He loves affirmation like crazy and she doesn’t know if she can keep up with that. She is talking about what would happen after the house.

She talked about married men around her while the young ones don’t take her seriously. That’s why she joined the show. She said Kachi told her she is too much of him. She feels she will loose him outside the house. He is also worried. She said he is patient. He is trying so hard to be a talkative now.

Kachi’s time with Aunty

He said she is good for him. He doesn’t want to loose her but he doesn’t know if he is actually taking it to the extreme. He loves her too much more than the way she loves him.

He noticed that she is a bit authoritative, always want to be in control. He wants her to reduce her motherly role and she has been working on that. She listens to him. He needs to work on him not listening to her . For her she can be stubborn. When he wants her to do something, she refuses. He doesn’t want her to be outside for long because for him once its 7pm, they are supposed to be in the house and not outside, according to his upbringing.

He has not heard anything. Some people feel she plays the role of a mother too much but now that it has reduced, he is very happy. He said he will discuss the issue of loving her more with her. He said if he brings out a topic , even if she is at fault, she has a way of turning it on him until he makes her see her faults before she will apologise. He has learned a lot during the master classes.

He won’t like to swap. They both wont swap.

Joint session
Aunty told them to be ready for the outside world.
Rosie said she loves Kachi and he loves her.

Kachi doesn’t want his ex to come into the house. He later said he doesn’t have a problem with that since he has found love. He loves to learn and Rosie is teaching him a lot and she listens to him too. He is very happy.

Rosie is missing her son. Kachi said Aunty should bring Rosie’s son.

Kachi misses his parents. His house can accommodate them.

Rosie doesn’t want any ex to come

Kachi believes Rosie is not in the house for a game as she talks about family.

Rosie is cosy with Chris, Ebi, Bolanle, and Meriton.

Kachi is cosy with Arnold and Chiddy

Strain Relationships
Rosie mentioned Jenny Koko and Presh Talker.
Kachi mentioned David. Both of them said he is very crafty.

Rosie listens to Kachi but she thinks he doesn’t listen to her.

Kachi said he wanted to fight for his team as he is a team player. He mentioned that his team went through the rules of the game yesterday.

Kachi said he got Rosie through patience and prayers.

Kachi said she advised him to go to his community and leave a mark.

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