Iyke’s Ex Girlfriend Shows Up At The Ultimate Love Pad

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Just when we thought all was well, ships were settled and Aunty was just joking about bringing in exes, Aunty rocked the boat like a pro! In the midst of the Friday night party while the Love Couples were getting down to the DJs fire mix, Aunty turned up the heat hotter than we could ever imagine by sending in a truly special guest into the Love Pad! 

The guest in question was none other than Onyinye, the ex girlfriend of Iyke! Her entrance undoubtedly caught him off guard but the drama didn’t end there! As the pair  headed to the private booth it wasn’t long before Iyke was helplessly grinning from ear to ear and having the toughest of time fighting off Onyinye’s remarks. She wasted no time in quering why he had chosen someone so much slimmer than him and she even offered to sleep over if the producers would let her!

Iyke told her that Theresa is something else. He likes her because she is slim, has a great voice and she is a doctor.

The icing on the scattered wedding cake was when the exes found themselves holding hands briefly as they took a trip down memory lane! 

Through it all Theresa put on a brave face but there was no masking the pain in the moment.

Onyinye kept asking Iyke to hold her hand. She even asked Iyke if he would be willing to let them get back together if she wanted. Iyke’s response was “No” She said “Why? because of Theresa?” and Iyke said yes. Thankfully Onyinye eventually had to say her goodbyes and Love Guests like Kachi were quick to offer an understanding shoulder to lean on in the moment. When all was said and done Iyke played it off cool but things were clearly tense but might not take time to settle because Iyke has said it’s Theresa and no one else. 

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